Immortality of Aubrey De Grey

How would you like to live forever? What if biology and medicine could offer you everlasting life would you want it, and why not? We need to think about these things because there is a man that believes that an end to old age and death may be just around the corner.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Observers and scientist say Dr. Aubrey de Grey sees himself as a savior and a herald of a new civilization and a new kind of science. He has been described as an innovative thinker and his controversial views on life as the beginnings of a new social movement. While others feel he should be locked up and with good reason.

Insanity or genius?

We are squarely divided as people on the issue of immortality. In all our advancements in medicine and technology we are poised to ask ourselves as a species, “What shall we do about death?” Aubrey de Grey is a brilliant biogerentologist, a scientist who investigates aging. He is regarded as a genius by some and radically insane by others. His views on aging and death are regarded as preposterous by some members of the scientific community. However, some ambitious leaders in the scientific community think he may have discovered at least the direction toward the path to achieving immortality.

The Consortium to Eliminate Death

Dr. Aubrey David Nicholas Jasper de Grey is a 43-year-old Cambridge computer scientist turned biologist. He is obsessed with the question of why we get old and die. He doesn’t think we need to do either. Incredibly, Dr. de Grey believes there are people alive today who will be a live 1000 years from now or more. He believes that given sufficient funding, we have a 50-50 chance of completely stopping people from dying of old age within about 25 or 30 years from now. His reasoning is that our overall understanding of aging, advancements in medicine and technology can be combined as a massive data source towards overcoming the effects of aging. It’s simply a matter of putting it all together and organizing it into a working theory.

The Basic Premise

On the surface, Dr. de Grey’s theory seems quite simple when you think of what modern medical science has already achieved in various separate fields. He compares our bodies to old houses lasting for centuries when provided proper maintenance. Dr. de Grey believes immortality is only a matter of replacing parts of the body that are worn out with fresh new parts. Basically, Dr. de Grey describes an ongoing maintenance approach to providing a body capable of sustaining the life within it indefinitely.

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