Improve Your Golf Swing

Some people consider golf a social gathering, in which the sport is secondary to the company. Others take their golf more seriously, especially when it comes to their swing. To improve your golf swing, you need to focus on your backswing in particular to keep your body in proper alignment.

First, make sure you have good clubs. You may be able to pick up a cheap set at a garage sale. But there is no substitute for having a proper set of clubs that are fitted to your body size and playing style. Visit the pro shop at your local golf course and price a decent set of clubs. You, and your game, will be glad you did.

You also need to make sure that nothing on your body hurts. If you are adjusting your golf backswing to avoid causing pain to an injured body part, you will throw off your entire swing. That in turn will cause more pain and inability to consistently hit the ball.

There are literally hundreds of books, videos, gadgets and tools available to help you improve your golf swing. But most are expensive, many don’t work, and those that do show some success often do it at the expense of proper form and swing.

PGA experts offer these tips to improve your golf swing and make sure your backswing is up to snuff. Stand straight and hold your club at a 90 degree angle from your body with your arms extended against the sides of your chest. Bend from your hip joints until the sole of the club rests on the ground. Then bend from your knees. Don’t change your back’s angle when you bend your knees. Keep your neck and spine straight and aligned.

This will help you start your swing from a balanced position. But you won’t stay balanced if your arms pull the swing instead of your torso. The torso should start the backswing, with the neck and spine remaining in line. If this is done right, the arms will follow and the wrists will bend at the top of the swing. A proper swing with good alignment of the spine and neck will feel effortless and smooth. An improper swing with bad alignment will result in frustrating slices and hooks.

A good golf swing also reduces the risk of injury. If the backswing and downswing are too steep, the hands, wrists and elbows take the brunt of the force. If the swing is too parallel to the ground, the elbows can be hurt. It’s important to improve your golf swing, both for the enjoyment of the game, and to prevent injuries that can keep you off the course for weeks of recovery time.

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