In Cat’s Final Days, an Angel Emerges from Woods

Margie Scott was devastated when her nine-year-old cat Sammy was diagnosed with kidney failure, but she never could have predicted what would give her comfort during her pet’s last days, said writer Susan Wyatt.

Scott, who lives in an apartment just south of Lake Whatcom in Texas, had adopted the long-haired white and gray cat when he was just six months old, according to a recent article.

Last month Sammy stopped eating his dry food and would sit in a corner for hours, the article stated.

“He was better for awhile but then he started going downhill,” said Scott in a recent interview.

Because Sammy was declawed he was strictly an indoor cat, Wyatt reported.

A family of deer regularly visits the complex and one day Sammy was sitting outside in the grass when two young deer happened by, according to research.

Scott said she watched in astonishment at what occurred next.

“One walked up to Sammy and they touched noses,” Scott told Wyatt. “It was amazing.”

What she saw next was even more surprising.

The deer drew up close to Sammy and proceeded to nuzzle and lick him as if, says his owner, he knew Sammy was dying, Wyatt wrote. The deer started licking him all around the head and neck, and Sammy just sat there allowing the deer to do this as captured in a photo.

For several minutes the young deer licked the small cat, Scott stated.

Two days later Sammy died, a report shows.

Though Scott said she is still grieving the loss of her cherished pet she takes comfort in the photo she has of Sammy and the deer, Wyatt writes.

“I have some amazing memories including this one,” Scott explained.

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