In Their Latest Contrived Shutdown/Debt Limit Crisis the GOP Lost Their Political Battles and Propaganda Efforts

The article “Republicans’ hollow defeat” notes Cruz’ allusion to war as he is quoted as saying “The American people rose up and spoke with an overwhelming voice and at least at this stage Washington isn’t listening to them,” he said. “But this battle will continue.” (Actually, what’s overwhelming is the 70 percent of Americans who think Republicans put politics ahead of the country in the shutdown.)”

The GOP talking heads had no idea what the demands of their latest shutdown/debt limit crisis were. The “Powell Doctrine” insists that a war can’t begin without-among other items, a clear and obtainable objective and a clear exit strategy

Without those components the GOP should have limited their war and battles talk.

The article “Countdown To Catastrophe: The Latest Updates On The Shutdown And The Debt Ceiling” states “House Republicans brought the government to a shutdown by refusing to fund Obamacare, but with the added leverage of the debt ceiling, their demands have since grown.”

The article also states “The House passed the Senate compromise by a vote of 285-144. Only 87 Republicans voted in favor of the measure, while 144 opposed it. This means it violated the so-called “Hastert Rule,” guidance that House Republicans have stuck to, until now, that requires a majority of the ruling party to support a bill before it’s allowed to come up for a vote.” Logic demands that a surrender policy be defined before participating in a less than promising plot against the U.S.-which is what this latest shutdown/debt limit crisis was, and the GOP missed that requirement also.

Broadcasters and media never made mention that Boehner could have from the start rejected the Hastert rule and passed a clean CR-which means they participated in the GOP’s propaganda against red staters.

How much did their latest shutdown/debt limit crisis cost us? The article “Geraldo Rivera Wants to Send Ted Cruz a Bill for $23 Billion for Shutdown Cost Estimates” has the tab at roughly $23 billion

One of their every varying demands was to reduce the debt-which this manufactured crisis pointlessly increased.

They even lied about who won the war.

The article “Ted Cruz, one sore loser” indicates Cruz isn’t gracious in defeat. Cruz lacks either a firm grip on reality or the ability to be truthful.

The article notes that Cruz was pummeled by broadcasters as it states “CNN’s Bash, who pointed out that there has been “a lot of bruising political warfare internally, and you’ve got nothing for it.”

“I disagree with the premise,” Cruz informed her. He said the House vote to defund Obamacare, rejected by the Senate, was “a remarkable victory.”

If that was a victory I would hate to see a defeat.

The Chicken-hawk GOP frequently referred to war in their latest shutdown/debt limit crisis. They had a war on reality which they lost and unfortunately this made the 99% the biggest loser.

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