Indian Point – Too Close or Not Too Close?

When it comes to safety, you usually do your best to keep everything in your homes something proof. But did it ever occur to you to think about the electricity plant that is located several miles from your home? You’re probably thinking what can an electrical plant do other than let you turn on the lights in your home? The answer would be nothing unless the word “nuclear” is involved. This comes to the point of an electricity plant located several miles from Poughkeepsie.

Indian Point is locate din Westchester, about thirty-five miles north of Manhattan. In September 2001, Entergy Corporation purchased this site and decided to perform some changes to it, maybe even a renaming it. From Indian Point Nuclear Plan to Indian Point Energy Center. Now, doesn’t that sound less frighten? Though, on the surface, this name change does not seem to affect most people living in this area, but here’s the response from an Entergy spokesperson, “It wasn’t like we were trying to fool them into thinking we were a solar-generated plant.” Or maybe that is what they are trying to do? Now, this will pose a great concern, are they trying to cover their “secret” up from newcomers to the area. The answer might be yes, if you have not been living here for a long time, there is no way you would ever find out, it existed. They are taking away the name, it explains a great deal about the company. A name tells the consumer about its reputation and its history, but if it is taken away, you would know nothing about it. If all the companies perform this task, you would be guessing who’s who, under that very name, it might contain danger. Every company’s would bring fear, is this what they are really trying to do?

Indian Point also poses another concern, they have been operating on the lowest grade that a reactor could have. It seems that they are trying their hardest to stay alive until their last breath, but isn’t this dangerous to not just the employees, but even its neighbors. Working in the poorest conditions will cause a disruption in the plant; this may eventually cause radioactive leaks that will tremendous damage an entire range. Even if the leak is know, companies usually are determined to deny it ever existed. They will not resolve it until the federal regulation bureau demands a shut down. This is extremely dangerous; the leak can produce fuel that could light up to 188 miles. The NRC has admitted that the dome shaped containment building like those at Indian Point were not designed to withstand such catastrophes. With one nuclear explosion, it would mean good-bye to your home and to your loved ones. When you look on your homeowners’ insurance policy, damages created by nuclear accidents are not included. Indian Point is not responsible to any liabilities either. Also, there are no evaluation plans available, when catastrophe strikes; there is no place to hide.

Closing Indian Point is the best choice to make; it is neither safe nor secure. If there are leaks to be found, its neighbors are in endangered every single second. By shutting it down, it will reduce any catastrophic risks; it will not pose as a living time bomb – ready to explode any minute. The health of NY citizens would be better since this would reduce long-term cancer deaths by 50%. If Indian Point was not allowed to be build today, why should it be tomorrow?

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