Indoor Lighting Tips for the Bathroom

Lighting in the bathroom is important for safely, aesthetic and cosmetic reasons. Proper lighting in the bathroom is more than important, it is necessary. A properly lit bathroom ensures that people are safe from slipping and falling in dim light. Good lighting is also important for cosmetic reasons for people who do their grooming, make up and hair styling in the room. Attractive lighting makes the bathroom look more attractive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Bathroom lighting is important. The bathroom is where people spend their most personal, private time. People take care of personal grooming, shaving, makeup and bathing in this small space.

It is important to be able to see detail when applying makeup or handling a razor to shave. It is not always necessary to have a bright light in the bathroom. Bathrooms that are too brightly lit may hurt the eyes for middle of the night toilet trips. A dimmer switch attached to the lighting system can insure that the lighting can be adjusted as needed.

The bathroom is a small room and lighting must be carefully planned to provide all of the function you want.

Electrical work and wiring should always be done by a qualified electrician. Spend some time planning and designing. Consult an electrician for suggestions before purchasing lighting fixtures.

Even though a qualified electrician will be doing the work, it is important to research lighting and look at fixtures ahead of so you know what you like.

The best lighting is natural. A bathroom window lets in natural light, which is probably enough for most bathroom activities during the day. Windows can be opened, allowing fresh air into the small room. Fresh air deodorizes the room and helps to eliminate excess moisture that can build up with showers and hot baths.

Good lighting is especially important in bathrooms that do not have windows. The lighting should be natural as possible so that the complexion looks as close as possible to outdoor light.

Lighting Tips for the Bathroom

Incandescent strip lights placed around the mirror or above shelves give a warming glow to the room. Incandescent bulbs can be placed around the mirror for a Hollywood type effect. Strips of bulbs offer even lighting, making makeup application more accurate.

Low voltage fittings and tungsten halogen lights make the bathroom sparkle, especially if the decor is modern.

Place lighting fixtures so that they will reflect off of mirrors without producing an unpleasant glare.

If there is an enclosed shower, a light should be placed in the shower ceiling or the area will be dark. An alternative is to put a waterproof outdoor light in the shower.

Try to place lighting so that the bathtub gets the benefit of lighting, for people who like to read in the bathtub.

Install dimmer switches so that lighting can be adjusted as needed.

Lighting Fixtures to Avoid

Avoid fluorescent lighting in the bathroom. Fluorescent lights do not flatter the complexion or the surfaces in the bathroom Fluorescent lights are too flat and dull to put people or objects in the best light.

Hanging pendant type lights are not usually useful in the small rooms, Pendant lights that hang from the ceiling cause shadows and are not generally useful in the small bathroom space.

Use Design Principles to Plan Your Bathroom Lighting

Information is this article is general design and lighting advice. The lighting that will work well in your bathroom depends upon many factors, including the size of the room, placement of the room and natural lighting.

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