Inexpensive Elegant Wedding Tables

Many couples have a theme for their wedding decor and whether it’s red, white and blue or butterflies, you want your wedding table to be impressive, beautiful and memorable. After deciding on the particular theme of the day you can begin to make decisions on what type of decor will best fit. One thing to consider is the wedding table where guests will sit and eat. Will it be a group table or many individual tables? Regardless, the table(s) will be one of the most notable aspects of the decor.

Wedding table decor doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many designs that will look lovely on your table that you can make yourself. When making your own decor you not only save money but get exactly what you want, rather than settling for what there is available at the store where you shop.

Many weddings have a table where cake, punch bowl and finger foods are placed, then a separate table for guests to be seated. If this is the case do the heavier decor on the table where the food is and a slightly more subdued decor for the actual eating table. Some popular themes for weddings are roses, butterflies, rainbows, doves, spring, tropical, daisies or even the color purple. One place to get decor items for your theme wedding is at a craft store. Whether you need tiny birds, seashells and sand, or white silk lilies you’ll find it at a popular craft store.

If simple elegance is what you have in mind purchase an amount of lace yardage. Lace can be inexpensive when purchased by the yard, from a flat, and you can do so much with it. Instead of hemming the lace use fabric glue to attach rhinestones or strands of beads. Many decorators choose to place white satin under the lace for an even more elegant look. The satin should be only slightly longer than the table so that the lace can be seen in the front and on the sides of the table.

Sewing departments have yards of roping that is perfect for decorating the table. Simply hang the roping, letting it drape in places, across the front of the table. Instead of rope twist together several strands of satin ribbon and pearl beads. The strands of beads can be found at most one-dollar stores.

Gold, purple, white or silver roping are gorgeous when placed against the white satin and lace tablecloth. Arrange groups of satin flowers, in your color choices, to place at each point where the rope begins to drape and at each point where the rope meets the table once again. Place a large bouquet of the silk flowers, or matching real flowers, in the center of the table. Small, squat vases of coordinating flowers can be placed at various spots all the way down the table. For individual tables place a vase in the center but make sure it’s short enough to prevent the guests from having to look around it.

Although simplistic, your table will look lovely when you fasten together two orchids with satin ribbon and strands of pearls and placing these arrangements at different locations, directly on the table. Or set candles along the length of the table, on round circles of lace. Make the candles look much more expensive by brushing them with a coat of gold or silver glitter paint. Surround the bases with beads or flowers. Or, use small crystal bowls for floating candles shaped like flowers, butterflies or other shapes.

Spring weddings bring to mind butterflies, birds and wild flowers. Use printed fabric with spring colors to decorate the table. Purchase small craft butterflies and tiny birds to attach here and there on the tablecloth. Easily make table enhancements with a few craft supplies. Purchase small round mirrors and attach each one to the bottom of a shallow glass dish. Use gold or silver glitter paint to outline the top perimeter of the dish and the perimeter of the circular mirror. The mirror will stand temporarily with the application of some hot glue in the bottom of the dish.

Make the mirror more sturdy by adding silk flowers, in wildflower colors, to the squat dish, with hot glue. Allow the flowers to “climb” up the mirror, then place a small butterfly or bird on top of each mirror. These small mirror designs can be placed at each section of the table with a large design in the center. Something similar can be made for holding mints or nuts. The centerpiece design can be made from using a large, unframed round mirror to set a floral vase on, then place tiny butterflies or birds here and there on the mirror and on individual flowers in the vase.

There are so many inexpensive ways to decorate the table and some of these decorations only take a moment to make. Set champagne glasses at various positions on the table then fill them with curled ribbon and confetti. Other ideas for filling the glasses are faux jewels, strands of pearls, gel wax with bride and groom inside, or fill glass with fake snow and lay costume wedding rings on top. Instead of champagne glasses you can use clear bowls and just drop in some silk or real flowers. The bowls can also be turned upside down and used for candle stands. For this you can use any color or design of bowl as long as the bottom of the bowl is large enough to hold the candle.

Other things that look elegant on a table but aren’t too expensive are sets of lace gloves, small satin pillows with novelty rings attached, partially untied bow ties, garters, angel statuettes, and ivy baskets. You’ll get many more ideas after looking around at various stores that sell craft supplies and wedding novelties. Your guests will be even more impressed when they find out you did it all yourself.

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