Inexpensive Home Remodeling Ideas Using Paint

Paint is a quick inexpensive way to update or add value to your home. Interior walls, trim, ceilings, cabinets, or furniture; you’ll need the most suitable paint for each application.

There are specific paints for every purpose and personal need. Low or No VOC paints (volatile organic compounds) are available for those sensitive to environmental offenders. “VOC’s are unstable, carbon containing compounds that vaporize into the air and react with other elements to cause air pollution and heath issues…”. Horton, Jennifer. “How Low-VOC Paint Works” 09 July 2008. 01 November 2013.

On interior walls and ceilings latex paint (flat or eggshell) is commonly used. Flat paint has the least sheen and is best at camouflaging wall imperfections. It is frequently is used on ceilings. Eggshell paint has a slight sheen and therefore more easily washable.

Trim and Doors require a more stain and wear resistant satin or semi-gloss finish paint. Both paints dry to a harder finish making it easy to wipe down. The higher sheen finish may be more scrubbing friendly but will also draw attention to wall irregularities.

Painting kitchen cabinets is an affordable alternative for updating your kitchen. There are two schools of thought on whether oil based or latex enamel paints are best for cabinets. Many people find the odor from oil-based paints offensive and claim they yellow over time. Others claim that latex is not durable enough for the daily abuse cabinets receive in the average household. Do some research or better yet, invest in some sample jars now available at most retailers and determine which option best suits your lifestyle.

Milk paint
is a lesser-known option that can give a beautiful almost vintage like luster to furniture pieces in need of reviving. Giving new life to an existing piece of furniture is cost effective, satisfying, and can create a statement piece for your home.

Exterior stain is perfect for use on fences, decks, siding, or even composite materials. Stain opacity ranges from translucent to solid, depending upon the amount of pigment used. The more pigment, the more opaque the stain will be offering greater protection.

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