Infomercial Product Review: Propolene

Propolene is a weight loss product that boasts that it will help you to lose a lot of weight. It is basically made up of a water-soluble natural fiber called Propol, which expands in your stomach and make you feel full. In addition to expanding and making you feel full, it also encapsulates fat molecule and helps to reduce the amount of calories your body absorbs. These two functions are what make it an effective diet supplement.

Pros of Propolene

One of the best advantages of this weight loss supplement is that it doesn’t give you the jitters like some of the other products on the market. Many weight loss products that are intended for massive weight loss have stimulants added to increase your metabolism, however, these stimulants are in such a high dosage that they give you heart palpitations, jitters, and a nervous stomach. Propolene does not have any of these side effects, as it does not use stimulants to increase metabolism.

Another advantage of Propolene is that it is effective at promoting weight loss, especially during the first 90 days or so of use. I found that the first month I did notice fast and steady weight loss when I used this product. I didn’t feel hungry, nor did I have jitters. The second and third month of use I didn’t see the same degree of weight loss as the first month, but the product was still helping to control my hunger and keep my caloric intake down.

The final advantage that Propolene has it that you can get it just about anywhere. It is available by phone, online, or at department stores in the vitamin and supplement section.

Cons of Propolene

While this product is very effective during the first month, and moderately effective during the first three months, I found that it gradually loses it weight loss properties after the third month of use. This could be because my body got used to the product. What ever the reason is, I found that my appetite actually increased with the use of Propolene after the third month and it lost its effectiveness.

The second drawback is that it doesn’t work well as a stand-alone product. To help improve your results you will need to follow a sensible diet and participate in at least a moderate exercise program.

The final drawback to this product is that you need to drink a lot more water than you are used to. The product has a tendency to dry you out. Also if you don’t drink enough water when swallowing the pills they could get lodged in your throat. To help alleviate some of these drawbacks you will need to drink a lot of water, and as a result you will spend a lot more time going to the bathroom.

Recommendations for Maximizing the Benefits of Propolene

To help maximize the benefits of Propolene it is highly recommended that you follow a reasonable diet and exercise program and that you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Propolene will help reduce your hunger while you are dieting, and it will help your body adjust to running on fewer calories per day. Exercise will help increase your muscle mass and increase your metabolism rate, which will also help you to maintain your weight loss after your stop dieting. The extra water will help purify your system and will improve the appearance of your skin.

Another recommendation to help improve your weight loss while using Propolene is to cut caffeine out of your diet completely. Not only does caffeine give you the jitters when used in conjunction with most any diet aid, but it also inhibits your ability to lose weight.

To help find the best price for Propolene you should shop around for the best prices. Online you can find Propolene for between $14.99 to $29.99 and at department stores like Wal-Mart it retails for about $19.99. If you are able to shop online then you should look for multiple bottle packages, which can save you $5 to $10 per bottle.

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