Infomercial Product Review: WhiteLight

WhiteLight is a teeth whitening product kit that uses a bleaching gel and a light to whiten and brighten your smile. They claim that this product will remove surface stains and embedded stains from things like coffee, tea, and smoking. While there are many teeth whitening products that have emerged on the market in recent years from toothpaste, to whitening strips, WhiteLight is perhaps the easiest to use and fastest to use product available.

Pros of WhiteLight

The first advantage of WhiteLight is that it is fast and easy to use. The startup kit comes with gel preloaded in an applicator, applicator tip, mouthpiece, light, and yes, even batteries. This start up kit has enough gel and battery time for three 30-minute treatments. To start with you will need to put the applicator tip on the applicator, and you will need to apply the gel to the mouthpiece. After the gel is on the mouthpiece, fit it into your mouth and then insert the light mouthpiece into your mouth as well. It seems like quite a mouthful at first, but you will quickly get used to it. The WhiteLight instruction manual suggests a 10-minute session, but then states that one gel application can be repeated for up to three successive sessions. To be the most effective I would highly recommend using a 30-minute session. The light will turn off after 10 minutes so you will need to push the button to start another two 10-minute sessions while the apparatus is still in your mouth. After your whitening session is over simply rinse out the mouthpiece and the light and put them back in their box until you need to whiten again. Very easy. Most teeth whitening products require similar procedures once or twice a day for a week. This product will get your teeth very white in just one 30-minute session.

In addition to being easy to use, WhiteLight also provides you with enough product to keep your teeth white for about a year and a half. Not bad for the average retail price of $19.99. I have found that one treatment will keep your teeth looking white and bright for about 6 months before new stains will start to develop. As long as you keep the tip of the applicator sealed, the gel won’t dry out. Also, after you buy the starter kit you will only have to buy gel refills at a much lower price there after, and probably a new lithium battery (only a dollar or two).

The final advantage of this product is that it is available almost every where. You can order it by phone, fax, online, or at any one of a number of department and grocery stores. You can find this product in the health and beauty department near the toothpaste.

Cons of WhiteLight

While this product is effective at whitening your teeth it is a bit messy to use. Especially the first time when you are getting used to holding the mouth piece and light with your lips. Drooling becomes an issue after the 30 minutes, and you may need to have a cloth ready to keep the drool from running down your face.

In addition to drooling, muscle fatigue in your face around your mouth will also be a problem after 30 minutes. You may start to notice muscle tremors as you near the last ten-minute session.

The final drawback to WhiteLight is that it, like other similar teeth whitening products, does have a tendency to make your teeth sensitive after the treatment, especially to hot and cold foods. You may have to limit your diet for a few hours to a day after the treatment to only soft warm foods and drinks to help reduce discomfort.

Recommendations for Maximizing the Benefits of WhiteLight

The first recommendation that I can make about using WhiteLight is to brush your teeth with a toothpaste designed for sensitive mouths before you start your WhiteLight treatment. This will help to reduce the sensitivity that you will feel after the treatment and it may help to eliminate discomfort during treatment.

The second recommendation is to have a drool rag handy during your treatment. You will build up a lot of drool during 30 minutes, and your saliva is what activates the gel so you don’t want to spit. A rag can be used to wipe up excess drool that drips out of your mouth.

Because these types of products are expensive you will definitely want to shop around. Some times it is less expensive to buy this product online, and sometimes it is less expensive to buy it when it goes on sale at a retailer.

Finally, you won’t want to drink or eat anything that will stain your teeth right after you have a WhiteLight treatment. Your teeth will be vulnerable to new stains immediately after treatment so try to avoid things like coffee, tea, and smoking for a few days after your treatment. This will allow the enamel on your teeth to strengthen and repel stains better.

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