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For example, you are sitting in a house and the house suddenly catches fire, your life is in danger. Then for a moment you

will be awake. In that moment you will not think many. In that moment you forget your past. In that moment you will not be

clamored at by your psychological memories: that you had loved a woman thirty years before , and boy, it was fantastic! Or

that the other day u went to a resturarant and still the taste lingers with aroma. You will not be in those thoughts. No, when

your house is on fire and your life is at stake. You will not dream about the future of about what you are going to do tomarrow.

Tomorrow is no longer relevant, yesterday is no longer relevant! Only this moment, this split second. That is the first meaning

of budh intelligence. And then there are great insights. A person who wants to be a buddha, has to live each moment in such

intensity as you live only rarely-rarely, in some danger. The first meaning is the opposite of sleep. Naturally, you can see

reality only when you are not asleep. You can face it, you can look into the eyes of truth- or call it “GOD”-only when you are


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