Install a Designer Kitchen Faucet for Mom or Your Wife on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day when you show mom how much you love her. So what better way to show your love than to do something around the house? But don’t do the usual housework or cleaning out the garage (though this would make mom very happy). Why not do a home improvement project? It is not as hard as it sounds, and your mother or wife will be thrilled that you did it yourself.

What sort of project?

You could hang those Mini-Blinds (instructions are on this site) or you could install a ceiling fan in the bedroom (instructions are also on this site). But, why not install a designer faucet in the kitchen? The task should take only a couple of hours and requires a tape measure; adjustable wrench and some Teflon thread tape.

Measure Twice Shop Once

First measure the distance between the hot and cold knobs on your existing faucet. If your existing faucet has only one knob, then your measurements will be done from under the sink. Note the position of the water sprayer if you have one.

Now look under the sink, measure the distance between the holes and the water connections. Turn of the water at the shut off valve under the sink. Remove the hot and cold water hoses with your adjustable wrench. Measure the points between the inlets. Check the water hose connections and measure the diameter. Make note of the thread style, coarse or fine.

Measure everything again. Measure twice shop once.

Buy The Faucet

Since you know what size faucet you need, now you can go to the local home improvement store and select one. The faucets come in any size, shape or style imaginable. You are going to want one that fits with your lifestyle and the d�©cor in your kitchen.

While you are there, if you have young children, help them to choose some pretty potted bedding plants. When they get home, the children can place them around the outside of the house to surprise Mom.

Once you get the faucet home, you can begin the installation. But make sure that no water has leaked out of the hoses, if there has been leakage; be sure you clean it up. Left alone, this water can cause damage to the cabinet and may attract mold.

Install the New Faucet

First, remove the old faucet, as a unit. If it does not come out easily, then make sure that everything is disconnected from under the sink. It should slide right out.

If the new faucet needs to be assembled, do that now. You can follow the directions included in the package.

Test fit the new faucet. Make sure all the water hoses and everything else will reach. Then put Teflon thread tape around the threads of the faucet and tighten the water hoses with your adjustable wrench. Make sure they are very tight.

Turn on the Water

Then turn on the water. Check for leaks under the sink. If there are leaks turn off the water and tighten the hoses again. Keep doing this until the leaks disappear.

Check for leaks at the faucet itself, make sure everything is connected and tight. Turn on the faucet, slow at first, to make sure nothing is leaking. Then turn it on full.

When you are satisfied there are no leaks, step back and admire your work. Mom will be so happy that you were able to complete this project by yourself and that the kitchen looks refreshed.

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