Installing a New Front Door

Nowadays, when security is such a major concern, the most important thing to do is protect your house from all kinds of danger is installing a strong front door. This simple process can go a long way in protecting you and your home. This how-to guide on installing a new front door will help you install it properly in no time.

The first step in installing a new front door in your home would have you removing the old door. The door may be old, weak and damaged; so it is important to be careful when removing it. Before you begin, you should put on work gloves in order to protect your hands from splinters. Eye protection may also be a good idea. First of all, get at the back of the inner edge of the door with a sharp tool like a utility knife. Then, with the help of a screwdriver and hammer, slowly take out the door trim. If the trim can be detached unbroken, it can be used again when the new door is installed. With the help of a screw driver, remove the nails and screws and then chop out the old latch linking the external and the brick pattern on door border with a utility knife. Cautiously tilt the loosened door and take it out.

The next step would include taking the newly purchased door out of the parcel or box in which it came. Before you install it, ensure that it is undamaged. If you purchased the door from a home supply store, such as Home Depot, be extremely diligent in looking for damage. The doors at these types of stores have a tendency to be handled roughly and can end up with a lot of cosmetic damage. In the meantime, remember to clear up the debris and any nails that might be lying around from the removal process of the old door. Next, rub on three large blobs of silicone caulk to the sub-flooring base of door cavity. Now, slant the door in the opening posture. On the inside plane of the door jambs, use wood lock shims twice over to generate a smooth filling and place in the gaps amid the door jambs and edge. Now insert 10d covering screws from within the outer jambs and into the edging parts near the centre. After that is done, take out a pair of the screws in the respective hinge and substitute them with lengthy anchor screws that would generally come with the door itself. Spray paint or stain the door, covering any irregularities that might draw unwanted attention. Spread some paintable silicone caulk covering the door entity completely and seal the nail cavities with caulk. Just before installing the new lock, change the trim about the interior of the door with the trim from the old door or get a new one. Finally, insert a new lock. Follow these simple steps and your new door will be installed in less than a couple hours.

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