Installing an Invisible Fence for Your Pets

An underground pet fence isn’t your traditional pet fence; it’s a lot like a radio transmitter really. It’s not for all pet owners, especially if you’re looking to keep other animals out, not in. Its simply an underground wire buried in a small trench that transmits a radio signal to a collar on your pet that emit’s a small electrical shock to prevent your pet from crossing of its boarder. Don’t worry about the shock; it’s small enough to just scare the animal, sort of like a static electrical shock you get from rubbing your socks on the carpet at home.

By planting small flags around your yard along the border, your pet soon learns its boundaries and like Pavlov’s dogs, they learn quickly enough through repetitive behavior and the sight of the flags.

An underground fence is very simple to install, usually a weekend or day will do it, and it’s also cheaper than most fences. Each brand of underground fence is different to install, but the idea is relatively the same as the rest.

A small wire is buried along a trench through your yard, confining the pet to an area of your choice. If the wire is crossed, the pet receives a small electrical shock. After a few training sessions, the pet quickly learns to not cross the line. Flags put in place teach the pet where the border is, and before long the flags can be removed and the invisible fence is secure.

You should always follow the manufactures steps, but the basic outline of installation is outlined here. You’ll need a shovel or spade, screwdrivers, and wire cutters as tools to start. All of the materials needed for this project should come with the kit, but if that’s not the case, the manufacturer while let you know what you need before you begin.

Set up the transmitter according to the manufacturers instructions. Dig a narrow trench 2 to 3 inches deep along the boundary of your pet’s space and to the transmitter. Connect the wire to the transmitter and run it along the recently dug trench.

Backfill the trench with the soil you removed and plant the supplied flags along the trench. Plug in the transmitter and attach the collar/receiver to your pet. That’s about it! It’s not a difficult job, but here a few tips for getting the pet used to its new fence.

Take the pet on a leash around the border of its new fence. Let the pet cross the border on its own, don’t force them to cross it. When the pet crosses over and receives the shock, pull it back quickly and shout the command’ “no”. Let the animal walk the entire boundary several times with you. Show it the flags and command “no”. Do this repeatedly for several days or however long it takes for the pet to understand the fence is a no no. It shouldn’t take long for your pet to learn and after a few weeks, the flags can be removed and your pet will stay within its area!

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