Interesting Facts About Plecia Nearcticas – Better Known as Love Bugs

‘Tis the season again for love bugs to come out. You will see them twice a year in April thru May and then again in September thru October. For 5 to 7 months, they have been larvae waiting to be freed. I was in my car at a stop light yesterday and there were love bugs everywhere. They were attached to each other letting nothing separate them. They flowed all around my car. When I start driving, they try to flow but ended up as a hood ornament! This is a nuisance for any car owner. If you don’t get the deceased insect off your car right away, it can ruin the finish on your paint. You practically need a razor to get them off your windshield. I’d try it with my paint but we all know what will happen if I do that!

Believe it or not, these little creatures are not really bugs, they’re flies. They are dipterans. What is that anyway? My research shows it’s an insect with 1 pair of wings. Ok… next!

They spend most of their time searching for mates and mating. They like nectar so when they’re not mating, they’ll take some of that to go!

These love bugs do not fly at night. They’re like me a little bit. I don’t like to drive at night because it bothers my eyes. I’m not certain I can mate as much as they do though!

Love bugs only live for about 3 days. They do cause troubles for your car but instead of being bothered by them, learn to appreciate them. They aren’t around for that long anyway.

You and/or your kids can play with them. They are easy to catch and they don’t bite or sting you. They don’t carry diseases either.

One female can attract more than six males. When the lucky male unites with the female, they will stay attached for hours or until she gets tired of him and pushes him away. “Like, get off me man, I need some alone time, I only have 2 more days to live!” When they’re united, the male transfers nutrients to the female so she’ll produce healthy eggs. Gotta take care of the little ones! After she mates and lays (150 to 600) eggs, she will soon die.

Sad I know but it’s the circle of life. I hope this has been informative and fun for you to read. Please pass this on to anyone you think might enjoy it.

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