Interior Design in a Teen Sports Room

Interior design in a teen sports room is a great way to incorporate you teenager’s love of sports in to their bedroom. Work together using interior design tricks to create a teen sports room that will have everyone thinking you used a designer to decorate your teenager’s bedroom. Here are some tips and tricks for incorporating some interior design and dÃ?©cor in a teen sports room.

The first step in interior design in a teen sports room is to decide on a specific sport or sport team you want to incorporate in to your teenager’s bedroom. Does your teen play or love soccer, basketball, or run cross country? Go with what they are interested in. Most likely they will already have a lot of sports gear that will help in your interior design of their sport room.

Secondly, start thinking about how furniture design can change the interior of your teen sports bedroom into a fashionable room perfect for any teenager. For example, if your teenager loves basketball, why not look into options for head boards and beds that look like a basketball or reflect this sport in some way. An orange upholstered head board is a great way to incorporate a basket ball theme. This sport theme design could easily change from basketball to softball, soccer, or even football. You could even upholster a simple square headboard in an inexpensive team blanket.

Paint color is a great way to immediate change the interior design of your teen sport room. Choose a color that represents their school colors, a favorite team, or even just a color they like! Paint stripes on the wall with contrasting or secondary colors important to their favorite sports team. If you have an artistic child let them paint their team sport logo on the wall of their room.

Accessories are wonderful affordable ways to incorporate interior design in a teen sports room. Fill shelving with sporting memorabilia, their own sports awards, and photos of their favorite sporting inspirations. Framed jerseys look expensive on the wall and can add a lot to a teen sports room. Best of all they can take these with them once they move out of the house. To save money hanging jerseys, or for a quick way to hang jerseys that need to be worn, hang a curtain rod on the wall. You will need it to be at least about three feet long. Drape the curtain rod through the sleeves of the sport jersey and hang it back on the wall. Your teen can easily access their sporting goods while they look fabulous hanging on the wall. Best of all it gets their jerseys off the floor.

For more interior design inspiration hang your teens sporting gear on the wall. Hockey sticks look great hung horizontally and screwed into the wall. Top to off with a great hockey mask hanging from a hook on the wall. If they are hockey sticks you don’t use screw hooks into them and add some storage. In the sporting good section you can find great huge circle attachments that are meant to screw into the wall and hold basketballs. Cover an entire wall with a grid of nine basketballs. Three across and three down will cover a wall and add great interior design to any teen sport room. Bike hooks are a great way to store your teens bike in their room and have it pull double duty as decoration on an interior wall.

Curtains are another way to use interior design in a teen sport room. Does your teen have a lot of medals from sporting events they have won? Why not hang them in a row on their existing curtain rods and use them as a valance? This is a quick and easy way for them to display their accomplishments while creating a designer look in their sports themed room. Hanging jerseys on existing curtain rods in the manner mentioned before could create some unique valances as well.

Be sure to think outside of the box when you are creating interior design for a teen sports room. Use what you have to save money and time.

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