Interview with Kuru, A Popular California Band

Parents and their children have long had the battle between the ever changing differences in music. In the 80’s rock was at its best and most popular. Everyone wore the ripped jeans, girls had the ratted hair and the guys had the long hair. Rock was everywhere.

There were different variations of the “noise” that parents couldn’t stand and the “music” the younger generations just couldn’t get enough of. There was soft rock, hard rock, heavy metal and death metal. Here are some examples of the scales of rock ‘n’ roll:

� Soft Rock: Bon Jovi
� Hard Rock: AC/DC
� Heavy Metal: Metallica
� Death Metal: Slayer

Well, although the scenes of rock have changed the love affair with this fast paced energy still remains as strong as it once did� if not, stronger.

Kuru is a popular California band that has hit the circuit and taken the rock scene by storm. They are known as the new Death Metal and Ryan Robbins, guitarist, has given me an exclusive interview.

This is the part where I feel as though I should warn parents about this kind of material as far as explicit lyrics; this is definitely for the adult crowd. Yeah right, we all know teens love this vulgar display of aggression and expression.

Kuru consists of four key members: Ryan Robbins – Guitar and backing vocals, Brad Kobylczak – Bass, Kenneth Hoffman – vocals, and Dan Van Kurin on drums.

So, how long have they been on the scene? “We have been doing our part to support the hearing aid industry since 2001.” Ryan answers with pride.

“Our first release on a label was with Buried in Hell Rec. 2002. In 2004 we signed a deal with Death Gasm Rec.”

Kuru never really had a problem when it started as far as getting jobs and playing for crowds� usually it is the exact opposite. It is typically the hardest time for musicians which is something that this band never had to experience due to overwhelming popularity.

“We never really had a hard time landing shows. One of our biggest fans was and is a local promoter in the Sacramento area. He actually liked the band so much that He decided to fill the lead vocal position for us.”

So, why Death Metal? – – – – “Well that’s easy. Its fast, its heavy and its fun to play. Not to mention we can be as vulgar as we want without pissing our fans off.” And as you can imagine it is a passion you’re born with. “Hey I’ve had the bug since I was a kid; I just love the energy of the music, the challenge and the aggression.”

As for the most memorable of shows that they have played� Ryan had this to say.
“We have done some small tours but I would say that my favorite shows have always been the ones that we played in down town Sac. The Punks and Metal Heads there never fail to make the shows worth playing.”

So, what’s next for this popular band? You’ve guessed itâÂ?¦ another release.
“Well, we plan to record our next release in late August. I’m sure we will be doing some short tours this year as well.”

If you like the fast paced music of Death Metal then this band, KURU, is definitely your kind of music. Cd’s are available at a music store near you: Dimples, Tower, etc.

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