Ipod Nano

You’ve seen this device on TV, or you saw someone carry it with them while traveling. I’m talking the Ipod Nano. It’s the little digital music player that has made a big impact in the past few years. What makes this so amazing? I’ll give you the details.

What is Ipod Nano?

Ipod Nano is the latest edition to Apple’s digital music family. Like regular Ipod, the Nano is a portable device that stores of anywhere from 240 to 1,000 songs in each device. The Nano comes in the following different formats: 1GB, 2GB, & 4 GB. Setting up the device was a not too complex. The owner’s manual had simple instructions to set the device, and it was ready to use in very little time.

What made me want an Ipod Nano?

Since digital music has been growing in the past couple of years; I didn’t want to be left out of the new technology loop. The last mp3 player was a hassle. I spent more time to trying to set it up the device than I was listening to it. In addition, my old computer was not designed for MP3 Players. After years of fighting with the device, I decided to get rid of it. Last year, my brother gave me an Ipod Nano as a Christmas gift. Since then, I have taken it with me wherever I go!

What I like about I-pod Nano

There are plenty of things that I like about my I-pod Nano. 1st, the device is easy to carrying. It’s as thin as a pencil. I can put it in my pockets without having a hassle trying to fit it somewhere. Plus, it’s more convenient to travel than it is with a cd player. Another great feature is that allows me to have my cds uploaded to the machine. In the past, I would carry a CD case with tons of CDs, and I would have to get off the road or stop what I’m doing when the music comes to the end. With I-pod Nano, I don’t have to do that anymore. Another great feature is the skip-free playback. When I had a cd player, it would skip a song or start over when I hit a bump on the road. When I got my Ipod Nano, I rarely get a skip when I’m playing my music to go.

What I dislike about Ipod Nano

For the good things I have to say about the I-pod Nano I own, I do have some issues that need to get off my chest. This device scratches easily. This device may be small, but it needs to be handled with care like any other device. Another problem is that loading songs on the Ipod takes up a lot of your computer space. I had numerous times that my computer disk space was running low from times I updated my Ipod. I either have to remove computer programs I didn’t need or completely wiped out my Ipod and recreate my play list from scratch. My main gripe is the decision I made to get 1GB than 2 GB. I underestimated how big my cd collection was at the time. I also felt that a 2GB Ipod Nano would have given me more space and more music.

Bottom line

Despite the drawbacks, I still enjoy my Ipod Nano. It’s a great digital music player that has exceeded my expectations. It also gives me control of my music. Now, I can create a play list as diverse, yet unexpected than ever before. Now, I can be my own Jack FM. There’s no way I’m going to let this go!

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