Iran’s Missile Program Proceeds Unabated

COMMENTARY | The Washington Free Beacon reports that even while administration officials were high fiving one another for having established peace in our time with an Iranian nuclear deal, Iran and North Korea were building an ICBM together.

Just as Iran’s nuclear program is being touted as being for “peaceful purposes only” the missile program is being described as part of a space program, giving both countries the ability to launch satellites. However the ability to launch a satellite also gives a country the ability to drop a nuclear weapon or some other weapon of mass destruction on the American homeland whenever it chooses to.

The fact that the Iranian nuclear deal really hasn’t done much to inhibit Iran’s drive for a nuclear weapon, coupled with the fact that it hasn’t even addressed the question of delivery systems, leads one to conclude the current administration is playing a dangerous game. It is, in effect, sanctioning a nuclear Iran, with all that implies.

Of course this all leaves aside the idea of Iran developing a nuclear weapon and then giving it to a terrorist group to use. Taking out an American, European, or Israeli city would be the ultimate suicide bombing.

Clearly the current administration is not up to the task of forcing Iran to give up its drive to have a nuclear arsenal. There are, therefore, no good outcomes to the mess that is being allowed to be made.

One such outcome would spectacularly be a sudden and unexpected nuclear explosion, either as the result of an Iranian bomb test or else, far worse, an Iranian sponsored terrorist attack. In either case the world changes radically and not for the better.

Another is that intelligence is so clear that Iran has not been stopped in its drive for a nuclear arsenal, even the Obama administration cannot ignore it. Then it will be faced with a stark choice. Pile on more sanctions, ignore it, or launch a military strike.

Finally, and this may be the best of bad outcomes, Israel, with the tacit help of Arab Gulf States, decides it really had had enough and takes matters into its own hands. But even that has peril inherent within it. Israel may well destroy Iran’s nuclear and missile program. But it will have struck a match to the Middle East and start and all out war with Israel and its new Arab allies on one side and Iran and its terrorist allies on the other.

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