Is Cloning Improving Mother Nature?

There has been scientific research in cloning in discussion of health benefits such as the ability to live longer. Though, it might be just around the corner for the breakthrough, there have been many individuals who oppose this method. They believe it is both immoral and unethical. Hopefully, one day, they will understand and realize the advantages of cloning.

It is true that cloning can be used to save lives, but for the average person, this concept might be viewed a bit differently. For most individuals, they might think it will involve the duplicating a person, then killing it off for an organ. This image is definitely incorrect. The recreation of the entire human body does not occur. For example, if a patient is in need of one specific organ such as the heart, scientists will only clone the heart and nothing else. Therefore, we must understand the process before making any assumptions.

Another misinterpretation occurs when people think cloning is marking the exact copy of oneself. This answer is no. Cloning is a copy of oneself from the gene pool like an offspring. It will not be a mirror of the individual; it will have different, as well as, similar features. This was clearly stated when scientists cloned the cats. The clone did not have the same color fur and some of the other features seen on its “mother.” Animal cloning will be appreciated by animal owners. They will able to take advantage of genetics to create a “copy” of their favorite pet when they pass away.

Cloning also poses another question. Some have feared that human cloning would be creating an organ-duplicating factor, which is immoral. But if clones are treated as regular human beings, then they too would have civil rights. Therefore, anyone who violates the rights of a clone would be treated as any criminal, but this is not an issue of concern. Scientist are not going to clone “Joe” for his kidney nor clone “Rose” for an eye, they will only recreate that part of the body. There is no need for accusations of immorality; the use of cloning is to save lives rather than having the patient wait for a donor.

Many anti-cloning groups think the idea of cloning is unnatural. Is the role of God being played by scientists? This idea of changing the way things should be is the most debated topic since the first day cloning was discovered. For them, it is like throwing their traditions into a wastebasket. However, many things are unnatural today, such as vaccinations that protect against diseases, trips to the doctors, homes, and even the clothing. Aren’t these items for the betterment? If time travel was permitted, the advancement of today’s lives would never occur; everyone would remain as hunters and gatherers. Modern technologies cannot be thrown like yesterday’s trash; computers, books and cars would never exist.

Every argument against cloning does not seem to endanger the public, but only concerns some anti-believers’ ethical issues. The future of the human race may depend on whether or not cloning will be accepted. Any new technology is hard to accept, but things will improve over time. Why not give cloning a chance? You might need it some day!

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