Is HIp-Hop Dead?

The world of hip-hop music is in a state of emergency. The culture that was created from urban inner-city kids who wanted to express their anger and frustration with the environment that they lived in, is now watered-down so pop radio can play it and white collar executives( who know nothing about the music or culture) can profit from it.

The music that was once a voice for the underclassed, uneducated, and underprivileged, is now full of misogyny and materialism. Rapper’s like KRS-ONE, RAKIM, CHUCK D, and ICE CUBE who rapped about police brutality, self-respect, and a biased justice system have been replaced by a new generation who mainly rhyme about cars, clothes, money, ice( bling-bling), and wild sexcapades. The consciousness of hip-hop has evaporated.

The reason being is that many lyricist are in pursuit of dead presidents, and they will do whatever it takes to acquire the material toys that they see in every video that plays on the tv. Radio programmers and record execs are to blame for this ‘ platinum mentality’.

These big wigs don’t stress quality or creativity, all they talk about is record sales and first week numbers. Nowadays, an artist is considered a failure if he/she doesn’t sell a million copies. Most albums that come out now are unfocused and unimaginative because artists’ are sticking to a tired and wack formula in order to sell records and cater to a mainstream audience.

Hip-Hop is thriving because of the money that it generates, and because of it’s broad appeal. This is one of the only generes of music that breaks all color lines. All races embrace this culture and copy it’s trends, whether they can relate to the music or not. Hip-Hop slang, fashion, music, and swagger is not only in the suburbs and every hood in Amerikka, but it is also in corporate Amerikka as well.

Rapper’s are now endorsing big name products and investing their dollars into the fashion business, the pro sports arena, and into owning their own labels. That’s why Hip-Hop will never die because emcee’s are everywhere; In hollywood movies, commercials, behind the desk, and at fashion shows. The music has suffered because of the huge economic growth the culture has experienced, but with big names like Nas and Jay-z expressing disgust for the lack of creativity and growth in the music, things should change very soon.

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