Is Plastic Surgery Really Necessary?

I understand why everyone in Hollywood finds it necessary to get some form of plastic surgery. It’s simple; everyone has issues with their bodies. Yes, even moi! I can go from head to toe on what I don’t like about my body. The difference is that I don’t have the cash to make myself look like a cracked out version of my current self. If I had the cash I wouldn’t go under the knife. No thanks! I want to remain human looking. I am not from Venus.

Celebs, bless their hearts, have it extra hard because we look at their narrow and fat behinds on television, the big screen, magazines, and the internet at all times of the day! That’s pressure! And of course they must look good for us. Would we adore them if they were normal looking and had visible flaws? I doubt it. We have to have something to aspire to, right? I’m really beginning to become concerned with who is gonna play all the elderly roles.

I imagine plastic surgeons in Hollywood laying naked in piles of money dying from laughter at the lil’ famous monsters that they create. Take a good look at the after images of some of these people. They look a mess! Downright scary! I thought plastic surgery was all about looking youthful and fresh not about creating rail thin zombies with alien heads, big breasts, and duck lips. What many of them and us need to do is get our damn teeth cleaned and straightened. A new set of teeth can create an all new you!

My advice for the regular Joe is to know when to say when at all costs where plastic surgery is concerned. A lil’ work goes a long way. Most celebs that get work done don’t need any. Plastic surgery is for the downright ugly and deformed as far as I’m concerned. Just say no!

That’s it; we need to start a Just Say No to Plastic Surgery campaign. First we need to get The Don’t Eat At All Diet under control. The next time you see a rail thin person who claims they’re not anorexic or bulimic trust me they’re on this diet.

Note: My birthday is in July. I do accept food as gifts!

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