Is Sex Important?

We all like some good sex but when you’re in a relationship or marriage it kind of dies.Today in the world it seems like everything revolve around sex. So what do you do? Do you accept your not having that much sex or are you stupid enough to turn the corner and go somewhere else for your adventure? What do you rather have good sex or the best love?

Love vs Lust

Do anyone know the different between love and lust anymore? It seems like to really love a person you have to lust them first. This is not true. Yes, it is true that their has to be some physical attraction to a person but you shouldn’t based your whole relationship on it because it just wouldn’t work out in the long run(most of the time). Physical attraction should be less than 10% of the reason why you’re with the person because what if the person was in fatal accident and loss their looks what then? Or what happens after your wife give birth to your child, will you call her fat afterwards? You may have good sex with a person but sex is not love. Sex is an act of love. To compare sex to love is just insane. You lust people on television but it doesn’t mean you love them. You should lust the one you love but lust isn’t an emotion. Lust is an imaginative thought that society put in our mind.


Society and good sex goes hand in hand. To have good sex most people listen to the media. Hundreds of books are sold based on sex and we all love a sex scandal. Sex is just entertainment now. When you’re not having good sex the media tells us buy this and do this, when all you have to do is look inside yourself. Sciety also put in our minds what kind of man or woman we should have. Society believe a man should be built like a rock and a woman skinny as a thorn. When you don’t have these guidelines people assume you can’t have good sex. No one can please you or you please them if they don’t follow the weight trend for our decade. Society preys on our fantasy and make us act on it. Society doesn’t believe in love, love in society is a sin. When you’re in love people question everything. Love shouldn’t exist in society jusst watch television.


Sexual fantasies we all have some. But should we act on them? If we act on them they wouldn’t be fantasies. You have to leave something for the imagination. If you don’t creativity is gone and with creativity, ideas is discontinued. Fantasies is your imagination running wild. For people to act on their fantasies is just going to far. Leave something for you just to think about.

Sex is controlling the world today. But if you’re in love and you think you’re not having good sex you may have to rethink yourself and try to put love over sex. Sex is not an important factor of life. Sex is good but not that good. Sex shouldn’t be put over love. It’s lust and lust is great but not the greatest feeling.

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