Is a Resort Hotel Better Than a Vacation Home?

When planning your vacation this is probably one of the main things on your mind. I had the dilemma when we were planning our trip to Walt Disney World. We were not sure if we wanted to stay at one of the many Disney Resorts of if we wanted to rent a vacation home. Both of them seemed very nice. So I started to research first the vacation homes that are located closest to Walt Disney World. The first place I found was located in what they call golfer’s paradise. This is only 10 min from Walt Disney World. The company is known as Disney Dreaming. The website is, and they have a five bedroom house with many luxuries.

But since I did not see any kind of personal feedback on the website from people who had stayed there I was a little unsure. So I called and the people were not very friendly so I just ruled them out. Then next place that I checked was, They are located only five minutes from Downtown Disney and the homes look very nice. They have four bedroom and five bedroom homes that range in price from $600-$1000 for one week. With several different floor plans to choose from there are really a lot of options. I was also a little skeptical of this website because I could not find a telephone number, but they do have e-mail for you to contact them. So I added them to my maybe list.

Finally I found what I was looking for a three star triple A approved vacation home. Award vacation homes seem to be the best of the pick. They are located just a few minutes from Walt Disney World and offer various seasonal packages. You can rent a three bedroom home from $99 a night, however this excludes holidays when the rates are a little higher. Also there are four, five and six bedroom luxury pool homes for a slightly higher price. There are charcoal grills, TV’s, VCR, high chairs, and cribs in every home, and you can call for a brochure. The website address is You can get all of the information needed to make a reservation here. This place went right to the top of my list.

Since I had found a home that I really liked I decided to begin checking out the resort hotels in Orlando. Now as everyone knows Disney has numerous resort hotels for you to choose from. They even have the budget or value resorts, like the Disney Pop-Century Resort, or the Music resort, and much more. These places are made to fit the family’s budget, and are great for the kids. After comparing these resort to the vacation homes, I decided to go with the value resorts. It just seems like you get so much more with the resort than you do with the private homes. For example most of the hotels have a buffet breakfast that can be included in your package price, so you don’t have to worry about cooking. And for a family with three kids this is great. They also have tons of activities for everyone. The private homes are almost like your still at home, and not on vacation. You will have to drive to your activates, and load up the vehicle. But if you stay at the Disney Resort’s there is always transportation available 24 hrs a day.

When we finally arrived I found out that I had made the right decision. We did go take a look at the homes we were considering renting. They were very nice, and maybe we will give it a try next time. But for this time we really wanted that full vacation experience. The bottom line is of course that the decision is yours. If you want a little more privacy than I would recommend the vacation homes, if you want tons of activities, and the kids to constantly have something to do than I would try the resorts. It also depends on where you go. We went to Florida, but if you choose to vacation at another location you will want to take the same things into consideration. No matter where you vacation the homes will always give you a bit more privacy. I would also recommend that whether you choose a house or a hotel make sure they have at least a three diamond triple A rating. What this means is that they have been checked by Triple A and have met and exceeded their standards. I have always stayed at Triple A rated hotels and have never been disappointed.

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