Israel Has Nuclear Weapons, Should We Invade Them?

Why is nobody talking about Israel’s nuclear weapons, Mordecai Vanunu, and Dimona? Why is it that the arms race in the Middle East was started by the Israeli’s and nobody is waging war against them for thier “WMDs”? Why is Israel allowed to go on producing weapons of mass destruction and nobody is allowed to inspect them? Simple, the balance of power.

It is suggested that Israel has the world’s 6th largest nuclear arsenal and their main proccessing plant for weapons-grade material is the ancient reactors at Dimona. This is a program of secrecy as most people have no idea what is going on at Israel’s deceptive weapons manufacturing centers, not even Israelis. Members of government who have come forward and tried to present the facts on this have individually been silenced.

On October 5th, 1986 the Sunday Times of London printed the truth about Israel’s secret nuclear technology with the help of Mordecai Vanunu’s photography, and inside knowledge from working at Negev Nuclear Research Center from 1976 to 1985. When this secret had leaked, full with photographs of the facilities showing control panels and separation facilities. The evidence was what one might say, corroborating.

Immediately after the release of this article, which was pieced together by longtime Vanunu supporter Peter Hounam, Vanunu was lured to Rome by a secret Israeli agent posing as an American woman showing interest in him. He fell for the trap, was kidnapped by Israeli authorities, and taken back to Israel to stand in a secret trial where he was subsequently sentenced to 18 years in jail. He spent eleven and a half of those years in solitary confinement.

The countless other individuals who have worked in these secret facilities have either been told to keep their mouthes shut, or jailed. The reality of this deception is that Israel has the capability to utterly annhilate the entire Middle East, and Iran’s threats to “Wipe Israle off the Map” seem ridiculous. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad toying with a sleeping giant, and chances are, has no idea about it. It is also possible that Iran does not have full nuclear capability, but is fully aware that Israel does. Thus, the announcement that “Iran is in the nuclear club” could be the beginning of the Middle East cold war.

Vanunu was released on April 21st, 2004 but has not been allowed to leave Israel. To no ones surprise, he was arrested again in 2005 for entering areas in the West Bank. Vanunu’s comments on the November 2005 arrest: “I was arrested because they don’t want to let me enjoy freedom” Mordechai Vanunu’s message needs to be spread and he needs help leaving Israel in order to educate the world on perhaps the world’s most deadly stockpile of weapons. What makes them deadly is the fact that they are not reported, not inspected, completely unchecked.

For a decade, the United States and Israel banged heads over Israels nucelar program, President Kennedy demanded inspections. The inspections never came, instead, years later, in a meeting between President Nixon and Israel’s ex-prime minister Golda Meir, the United States and Israel came to a deal; Israel can keep her nuclear program, as long as she maintained a status of “Nuclear Ambiguity”. This silent agreement allowed the Jewish state to go on with its production of nuclear weapons as long as the program went “unannounced”. Israel could then seem as if it were standing by the pledge to “not to be the first country to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East.”

Well its far too late for that.

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