Itinerary for an All-day Saturday Date in Toronto, Canada

Toronto is one of Canada’s biggest cities and certainly one of the most multicultural. With so much to see and do how can you make the best use of a single day with the man or woman of your dreams? Read on and see how a Saturday all-day date in Toronto can be one of the best times of your lives!

Let’s start off your date with a bright and fresh breakfast at the St. Lawrence Market, situated not too far from Lake Ontario. This historical area started in the early 1800’s as a gathering place for farmers to sell their produce and has continued to be a main shopping point for over two centuries. The initial buildings have been replaced with newer and more sanitary conditions, but you can find the freshest in meat, cheese and vegetable products here with plenty of opportunity to sample the best the local farmers have to offer. What a great way to start off your day with fresh bread and cheese, maybe with a piece of apple or fruit! The second level of the St. Lawrence Market is home to the Market Gallery, showing off historical displays from the City of Toronto archives. With the Market open on 5 a.m. on Saturdays you’ll be able to enjoy the bounty of Ontario’s farmers as early in the morning as you’d like!

Now that you’ve had a bite to eat, why not move into shopping mode with a visit to the Eaton Centre? Situated at the crossroads of Yonge and Queen Street, this huge shopping centre holds over two hundred stores and is a tourist mecca for shoppers from around the world. With a police station situated right inside the mall itself, this multi-level complex also includes a movie theater, a variety of restaurants and is placed directly on one of Toronto’s major subway lines.

Time for a snack and what better way to show your date a true taste of Toronto than to head over to Shopsy’s Deli and Restaurant on King Street West, a classic taste of Canada! A rye sandwich heaped with Montreal smoked meat and mustard will give both of you a true appreciation of the local cuisine as well as the many other great deli dishes that you can find on their menu.

If your tastes run to something a bit more exotic, Benihana offers a true taste of Japan. Near Union Station and located in the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, this Japanese restaurant will send both of you straight across the water to a true Japanese dining experience.

Now that you’ve had a break from shopping, let’s wander into Kensington Market – one of Toronto’s most vibrant open-air markets for decades! Located in the West End of the city, this set of shops started off, strangely enough, on Kensington Street and soon spread far beyond. Selling everything from socks to hats to fresh figs to exotic clothing and spices, this area is a great way to spend a few hours wandering among the many stalls.

Ready for dinner? Why not enjoy some fresh fruit and nuts purchased from the Market as you prepare for the big event – a night out!

The Princess of Wales Theater sits on King Street West and has been home to a variety of major musicals, from Miss Saigon to the Lion King and is always a great way to end the night. With tickets available at the front box office for almost every performance you can decide on the spur of the moment to take in some great theater and have a wonderful evening.

Looking for something a little lighter? Take in The Second City Comedy Resort where some very famous people have honed their craft and moved on to bigger and better things, like John Candy and Dan Ackroyd. Who knows, maybe that comedian on the stage might be on Saturday Night Live next week!

As your day out in Toronto draws to a close, there’s nothing more romantic than taking a walk down Yonge Street and enjoying the neon signs and displays. It’s been a long and busy day in one of Canada’s best and biggest cities, and a great way to enjoy your time with that special someone – why not start making plans for more trips around Toronto?

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