Jeb Bush 4 NFL Commissioner & Reggie Bush 4 Number Five

The rumor that Florida governor Jeb Bush might be replacing Paul Tagliabue, may seem like the hottest item on the NFL stove, but there’s another Bush in the NFL these days, one who warrants our attention.

In this article we will discuss the following,
1.The Reggie Bush jersey controversy
2.Should Jeb Bush be the next NFL commissioner

The owner’s recently voted that, #2 pick and future superstar, Reggie Bush will not be allowed to wear his college jersey number. Some stupid committee actually voted to uphold the archaic rule that certain players can only wear certain numbers, a rule which (to some extent) makes no sense nowadays. Bush had made plans to give half of the jersey sales from his #5 jersey to Hurricane Katrina relief (he plays for the New Orleans Saints); and to his credit, he still plans to do this. He wore #5 in high school and college, both of which are institutions that have modified their number rules a long time ago. So why is the NFL holding on? It makes no sense.

First of all let me run you threw the basic rules, as they currently stand:

Quarterbacks can wear numbers 1-19
Running backs can wear numbers 20-49
Wide receivers/tight ends can wear numbers 80-89 and 10-19
Offensive lineman can wear numbers 50-79

Defensive backs can wear numbers 20-49
Linebackers can wear numbers 50-59 and 90-99
Defensive lineman can wear numbers 50-79 and 90-99
Kickers and punters can wear numbers 1-19

Now, in defense of the NFL, there are some basic elements behind this system that make sense. For the sake of the referees and clarification reasons, there should be a discrepancy in numbers between so-called eligible and non eligible players. The only rule change that the NFL needs to make is not going to affect this principle; they simply need to allow all eligible players to wear the 1-19 digits. This would be such an easy thing to do, and it makes no sense why the NFL doesn’t go ahead and change it.

I hope Reggie Bush sells millions of jerseys, despite this ridiculous ruling. The millionaire owners need to take their heads out of their asses and get on this.

Speaking of asses�

I saw something on CNN today that was really quite alarming. It seems that a lot of people (and by this I mean a few people that have a lot of money and/or power) want Florida’s Governor Jeb Bush. Bush, who’s much better know for being a Bush than anything he’s done for the Sunshine State, is apparently unsure of his future.

Let me be the first (or the fiftieth) to say what a colossally stupid idea this is. I don’t know what makes a good commish (and I’m not talking about Michael Chiklis either). Paul Tagliabue was the NFL’s lawyer and before that, Pete Rozelle (the best commissioner any major sport has ever had) was in public relations and marketing before he became the GM of the L.A. Rams and subsequently the NFL commissioner.

So what does this mean? There’s obviously no clear cut path that one takes to become NFL commissioner. There’s no common denominator behind becoming the commissioner (say that ten times fast)âÂ?¦or is there. There is one thing that Rozelle and Tagliabue had in common, they both worked for the fucking NFL!

If the owners disallow one Bush to wear the jersey number he’s had his whole life, and then turn around and give their leagues most important job to another Bush- a completely unqualified Bush at that; well, then I will stop watching NFL football. It won’t matter anyway. If Bush takes over, he’ll drive the league into the ground. Somebody needs to start a petition or something to stop this from happening. Reggie Bush, get on this.

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