Jewelry Artist to Appear at This Year’s St. Louis Symphony Showhome

“I have people approach me all the time to tell me what great compliments they get when they wear my jewelry; each piece is made from the finest quality materials from around the world” said Mary Barge Hoar, ” I hand craft each one so that no two pieces are the same.”

Jewelry Artist Mary Barge Hoar will be a featured vendor September 22 thru October 15, in this year’s Symphony Showhome.

Freshwater pearls from all over the world and Swarovski crystals from Austria are just some of the fine materials you can find in a piece of jewelry made by Ms. Hoar. Come out to the Symphony Showcase to see Mary’s creations and get a few for your own jewelry collection.

Mary Barge Hoar studied art during her time at Kirkwood High School and her college career. She originally wanted to be an art teacher however; she decided to put those dreams on hold to pursue a career in business.

While enjoying a successful career in sales and marketing, being happily married and a new mother; Mary was diagnosed with an invasive case of breast cancer. After this life-changing event, her priorities were altered forever. She decided that staying home with her son was now the most important thing in her life.

During her free time she began to play with wire and make wine glass charms. Eventually, her small charms evolved into a unique and wildly popular form of artistic expression. “Each place I go, and person I meet is an inspiration that goes into my designs” said Mary.

For more information about Mary Barge Hoar and how to get your own charming design, visit her website at

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