Job Hunting? Check Out These Free Resources!

Looking for a job is probably the hardest job you will ever have. There are so many things to do from getting several versions of your resume done, to polishing your shoes to a brilliant shine, making sure you have stationary for those thank you notes and getting correct directions to your job interviews! Fortunately there are some great resources on the internet that can help with your job search. From helping you with writing your resume to offering you tips for how to conduct yourself during salary negotiations, these websites offer great ideas that will soon have you in a great new job!

Job Hunters This is Dick Bolles website. Bolles is the author of the popular What Color is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers book. This is a very extensive website that offers you information on career tests that you can take (some free and some with a charge), information about networking, how to find job openings, information about putting your resume together, how to research companies and industries and links for career counselors. There is so much here that you could probably spend a full day or two just visiting this website. Bolles is well known for his Parachute book and its sage advice and his website certainly offers some very valuable job hunting tips.

University of Missouri Career Center Website ( This website has a short career test that you may find interesting. It is called the Career Interests Game. Taking this test is free. It has six different groups. Imagine yourself walking into a room and walking up to someone…which of these six people would you most like to talk to first? Then which would you like to talk to? And then select a third choice? These three choices will offer you lots of information about career possibilities when you read the selections.

Quest Career Services ( This website offers a free career test. The test, brought to you by MAPP, takes fifteen to twenty minutes to take. The free test you are offered is a sample of a more extensive report that you can pay for. However even the free test offers lots of valuable information that you will find helpful for your career search. It offers information about how you like to work with others or independently. It also offers information as to what type of career may best suit you. It also offers information about what types of careers may not suit you.

Wet ( Visit the section of this website dedicated to job hunting and you will find articles about networking, negotiating for a great salary, finding the hidden job market and lots more. The entire Wet Feet website is focused on your career and you can read articles about careers, profiles about careers, company and industry profiles and even Q & A sessions with recruiters. This is a great career website. ( This is a website that will give you lots of career information. The Job Search Survival Center offers information about resumes, interviews, cover letters, the actual job search, salaries and writing thank you notes. The website offers you great information to research companies and industries and careers. There is also a job board and a salary information area to help you obtain information on salaries in your career/industry.

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