Job Hunting Tips for Teens and College Students

1.) If you have decided what you want to do for a living, the best place to look for a job is at a business that does just that. For example, if you want to be an accountant, call the local accounting offices and explain to them that you are interested in being an accountant and would like to work there part-time so you could learn more about the field. Explain to them that you are willing to do anything, whether it’s filing paperwork, cleaning, answering phones, etc. Being able to be around people who are doing what you want to do will teach you a lot.

2.) Look for jobs that will work around your class schedule. Not all businesses are willing to work with your hours. They want someone who can work when they need them to. This doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to take a fast food job, but they really are some of the best places to work while you’re in school. They are willing to let you off work if you need to study for a test or have a school meeting that you need to go to.

3.) Write down the business categories you are interested in. For example, video stores, bookstores, movie theaters, etc. Then open the phone book and write down the numbers of the businesses in those categories. Call the businesses and tell them you are looking for part-time work and ask if they have any jobs available. Explain that you are available on weekends; this always makes an employer happy.

4.) Make sure you have a resume. Even if you haven’t worked anywhere before. Make a resume that states your educational experience, your computer skills, typing speed, and any other information you feel is relevant for the job you are applying for.

5.) Apply at places that interest you. If you love animals apply for a job at your local animal shelter, if you love watching movies apply at your local theater or video store, etc. If you have a job that interests you, you’ll be more likely to want to go to work and to stick with the job.

6.) Avoid working with people you are really good friends with, especially if you love to talk and goof off with your friends. Teens and college students often get fired when they work with their friends because they aren’t doing their job. Also if your friends come into where you work, don’t let them distract you.

7.) It may seem very tempting to call in to work because you had a hard day at school or your friends are getting together and doing something, but you have to remember that you have priorities. Think about this before getting a job. If you can’t handle this concept, then you aren’t ready for a job.

8.) Don’t just take a job because it’s the first place you saw with a help wanted sign in the window. Just because they are hiring doesn’t mean it’s a job that you’re going to like.

9.) Pay attention to how often a business is hiring new people. Do they constantly have a now hiring sign up? That usually means they can’t keep people and that’s never a good sign. If they are hiring people that often it’s not the employees who are doing a bad job, but the employer. Some managers are just hard to work for and treat their employees badly. If you know someone who works there, ask them how they are treated and if it’s a good place to work for. Ask them outside of work though, so they can give you an honest answer.

10.) Be persistent. If a place you really want to work for isn’t hiring, keep checking with them and make sure they know that you really are interested and if you have skills that will benefit the business make sure they know that.

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