Job Interviews: 10 Ways to Tell If You Got It

Despite popular belief, we all want to be part of the team at some point in life. Out of respect and admiration, we often go out of our way to make some of these things possible. We say some of the right things, do some of the right things and carry the swagger as if its what we really have done all our lives.

After reading this passage you should be able to:

Ã?· Identify possible clues that hint you’ve landed the job.
�· Watch out for trick questions
�· Keep your feelings inside until you reach the car.

Let us begin:

Lesson#1/ Interviewer or Employer seems impressed and has run out of questions.

As you cautiously sit there pretending not to move a muscle, the interviewer seems quite impressed with your resume and your intellectual skills. They seem enthused and show interest by asking less challenging questions or say things such as,

“When can you start?”

“Can you fill out these additional forms?”

“Me too! I used to play the clarinet in college, Oh my gosh!”

“I’ll forward these papers over and see when we can get you in here.”

“Can you come back for a second interview?”

Lesson#2/ They constantly smile and nod their head in agreement at your responses.

Many of us often wonder just how are articulate skills will be viewed in an interview. When an employer nods their head in agreement with a slight smile and seem to have let up on the butt-busting, you might be in there!

Lesson #3/ Introduce you to other members of the department before you started.

When an employer generally does this, he/she must be quite impressed with your qualifications and articulate skills and are pretty confident that you’ve gotten the job. Thus, they feel it’s necessary that the department or company get to know you right away since you’ll be starting soon.

Lesson #4/ The receptionist is extra nice to you then before you entered.

The receptionist generally knows what goes around the entire office. He/she knows the personality of every individual within that office and can pretty much gage when something has worked out. Upon exiting they are extra nice to you after seeing the manager’s smile upon your exit.

Lesson #5/ They continually ask you if you can handle the responsibilities.

When an interviewer continually asks if you can handle the assigned responsibilities that often means they are considering you for employment and want to know if you can handle it before they waste their money to train you.

Lesson #6/ Upon the interview you are approached, “Hey, you must beâÂ?¦”

Apparently, this person has already told the office of how impressive your application or resume is. They probably can’t wait to get you in that seat. Staff members approach you already knowing your name and a little bit about you. It’s obvious that you’ve impressed the hell out of somebody.

Lesson #7/ The interview seems more a cordial meeting than an actual interview.

More than likely your resume or application has already laid out the ground work; doing most of the talking for you. The interviewer is now seeking to gain more of an idea of how you are personally. If your resume is up to par it can work wonders for you.

Lesson #8/ They call you back later that day.

Chances are, they were so impressed and thrilled to have you interview that they decided to push the ball and call you that day. They want you bad!

Lesson #9/ After the interview they say, “We look forward to having you on board.”

You know you’ve made it when you hear this!

Lesson #10/ They seem more enthused about you applying then you are.

Upon strolling in for the interview, you appeared with the utmost confidence. You’re determination and alter ego has kicked into relax mode. Although it’s just a job for the moment and not a career, they seem highly brighten that you would join
their corporation.

Now that you’ve gotten the job

The one thing we never want to do is lose our cool by letting our emotions get the best of us, wait until you leave for your car before you jump for joy. Make it known that you are interested, but don’t be desperate.

Preparing yourself for Trick questions:

Trick questions have the ability to ruin an entire interview; don’t let an employer ruin your chance by doing such. Some of the most commonly used trick questions are:

“I am going to ask you a series of questions, do you understand?”

“âÂ?¦. Yes.”

1) What are your salary requirements? – don’t price yourself out, be firm but reasonable.

2) How long do you plan on staying here? – the trick is to really not answer this question to the fullest extent.

3) Why should I hire you? – They’re waiting for you to say something stupid. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Keep it informative and concise.

4) If a customer said A or B to us what would you do to handle the situation? – One of the most classic. Simply put, if you are honest you won’t get the job.

5) Can you work overtime? – Some jobs don’t require it, but it’s often a test to determine if an applicant is willing to go out of his/her way.

There are other many trick questions an employer will launch when in doubt. Watch your back in that office!

Good luck AC!

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