John Deere Versus Kubota

When I bought my little farm two years ago I put off the idea of buying a tractor. My farm is not real big and I had no fields to plow just livestock to tend to. The expense of a tractor was really over my head and unjustified. Well the first task I had at hand was clearing some fields that would be turned into pastures of boulders. Then I realized I needed to be able to mow my couple of acres. Slowly as the tasks started growing on my list of things to do I realized that maybe a tractor would be a smart move.

Of course the first tractor that came to mind was a John Deere, popular and well known for many generations, I figured I couldn’t go wrong by following tradition. Out of pure curiosity I also looked at John Deere competition, Kubota. While Kubota is highly competitive they don’t offer the range of options when it comes to fitting a tractor to the owner. Everyone’s tractor needs are different and John Deere was able to put me in exactly what I needed for my circumstances. Kubota on the other hand I was either going to have to go too small for some tasks or go too large would in turn end up costing me more for the extra options that came with the bigger model.

I ended up going with John Deere LT series. The LT series is a lawn tractor with a little extra umph for hills and meant to handle a couple of acres. My little plot of land is on a hillside so I had to lean on the side of caution with top heavy tractors that had their center of gravity sitting too high. I needed something powerful enough to make it up my hillside while pulling a small trailer full of boulders, brush, hay, etc. I also had some small garden work I wanted to be able to do with it. John Deere offers attachments that are self powered so all you need is a pulling device. Which allowed me to stay with a small lawn tractor instead of having to find one large enough to power attachments as well as contain their own.

I wanted something small so if I need to take it in for repairs I could pull it on a small trailer behind my station wagon instead of having to pay them to come pick it up and then deliver it again. Maintenence was another worry, the ease of being able to take care of my tractor, change worn parts, clean the fuel tank, mower blades, change belts, etc. John Deere is just as user friendly for the beginner is it is for the tractor knowledgeable crowd.

Best yet are the safety features John Deere offers. John Deere does not leave it up to you to remember every little thing in order to remain safe. They know you’re just human and are likely to forget the obvious once in awhile. Like looking before you back up, the blades will automatically shut off unless you’re pushing a button on the dash. If you get off your seat without putting the brake on your John Deere will shut itself off, another great safety feature for those who have to make several stops to pick up brush, rocks, etc often. Don’t want your lawn tractor rolling off without you. This feature also makes it extremely safe incase you tip your lawn tractor over. When your butt comes off the seat the engine shuts off in turn shutting off the blades if they’re going. Hopefully you’ll never tip your lawn tractor over but in the chance that you do, you wont have to worry about the blades running.

I would recommend John Deere to anyone going to look for equipment whether all you have is a large lawn to mow or need a tractor with attachments. John Deere has something that will fit anyone’s needs. From the home owner to the farmer, you can’t go wrong when you go for a John Deere.

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