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Want some group success when in need of cash?

An offshoot of something like you can tap into the market of free exchange on

You might like to contribute to almost any of the other causes too that can be seen on Fundable like schoolhouses for Kenyan villages, computer upgrades for artist collectives, and other items.

You pay only if everyone else wants to also.

Group actions happen when everyone pools their money together to make purchases or raise funds.

Here’s how it works:

1. One person creates a Fundable page to collect $1,000 from a group of people.

2. Each person in group enters credit card or Paypal information as a pledge but does not pay money.

3. Once all pledges add up to $1,000 Fundable turns them into real payments. If the collection expires before reaching $1,000 Fundable deletes all pledges.

4. Fundable sends $1,000 to the group leader who makes sure that everyone receives what was paid for.

“The site is beautiful and clear,” said Seth Goden, a writer. “I think it represents a neat opportunity for marketers of content.”

It’s completely free to start a group action.

“The dollar amount is up to you,” said Jo Lee who set up a Fundable project. “I decided to abort my fundraising goal of $7,000 because I set the minimum donation of $50 too high.”

Fundable has a successful track record like raising money for Katrina victims, getting a performance space for a theatre, setting up a free pharmacy overseas, and paying for a trip from Austin, TX to Austria among many opportunities.

All site traffic is encrypted.

No site registration is needed to make a pledge.

Fundable is still in beta.

Completed group actions have a ten percent fee taken from their totals.

Fundable never handles credit card or payment information directly and cannot store it.

“I’ve got another Peace Corps project and Fundable is going to help me raise money,” said Scott Stadum, a volunteer.

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