Jon Stewart for President!

OkayâÂ?¦. I know I may be overstepping my bounds by throwing a potential candidate into the ring for 2008 when the 2006 Midterms are still a few months away. However, it is my considerable opinion (therefore fact) that we need every moment we can get in order to convince the candidate I propose to run for the highest public office in the land. So far he has shown no interest in the position and yet every sign that he would make a terrific president. If you so much as looked at the headline for this article, you already know that my selection is Daily Show Host, Jon Stewart. I’d like to lay out my argument for why I think Jon Stewart should be the next President of the United States, and when I finish, I EXPECT you to join me in drafting Jon Stewart into a new gig. He’d be great at it.

The first reason that I suggest Jon Stewart would make an excellent President is simple. He “gets it”. That’s right. For that reason, I would recommend just about any late night talk-show host/ comedian to the presidency over any of the career politicians we see on air (Jimmy Kimmel excepted. Sorry Jimmy. You are funny as hell, but I’m not always sure there’s anyone home in that head of yours). A late light comedian has practice in diplomacy, understands the issues, knows how far to push, and has excellent timing.

A late night comedian, such as Jon Stewart is an excellent diplomat in that he has mastered the art of making friends of the very people he rips to shreds. That is the sort of skill that can’t be taught, but which every successful politician has in their arsenal.

I submit that George Bush’s poll numbers are proof that it’s important for a President to “get it”. You may disagree with me, as according to my interpretation of the Constitution, you are entitled to be wrong, but I stand on the side of the fence in the field that agrees that George Bush doesn’t get it. On the other hand, it’s a requirement that people who utter political humor, get the joke. Jon Stewart gets the joke. Furthermore, he gets what’s not a joke. Recently, on his Daily Show, Jon Stewart interviewedâÂ?¦. Retract thatâÂ?¦. Interviewed isn’t really the right word. The right word is SKEWERED, Republican Bill Bennet over the issue of Same Sex Marriage. Bill postulated that the debate is one over whether or not we believe that marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman.” Jon smartly replied “I disagree. I submit that that’s not the debate at all. I submit that the debate is about whether being gay is part of the human condition or whether it’s just some random fetish.” Jon GETS IT!

Another example of Jon’s understanding of the issues is found in his book “America the Book”. As a foreword in the book, Jon pens, as if he is Thomas Jefferson (in order to be funny) that drafting a Constitution was hard work, not a dictation from God, that while the myth of infallibility exists that likens the Constitution to some form of Bible, in reality, it provides for amendments specifically to deal with their own imperfection. He postulates with humor, that the founding fathers did the best they could but that they were not gods. Jon GETS IT!

Shortly before CNN cancelled its crossfire show, Jon went on and did battle with Tucker Carlson, calling him a “Dick”âÂ?¦a derogatory term meaning “penis”, not to be confused with the abbreviated name Richard B. Cheney’s wife calls him. He constantly chastises the news media for sensationalizing news and for failing to hold the government accountable for its actions. He accused them of being soft. It’s a common mantra for Jon Stewart. Jon GETS IT!

While I submit that any Late night comedian could be President, frankly Jon Stewart is the most political of the bunch. Of course, In order to be a good President, he would require a good straight man to serve as his Vice President. I am of the opinion that vice Presidents should be strong advisors to the President, and for that reason, I select Tom Brokaw. That, however my dear readers, is the topic of another discussion.

For now, I want to stick to the matter of Jon Stewart becoming President in 2008. I suggest a letter writing campaign, buying t-shirts and hats and bumper stickers that say “Jon Stewart for President” and proudly displaying them, writing his name in when you go to vote during the primaries, and being creative. SOMEHOW, we have to get the man to run. The only way I know to clean up politics, to affect REAL change in the way day to day business is handled in our government is to elect a populous presidentâÂ?¦even if it means we have to draft him to the position.

So, unless you truly hate America (sorry, had to) you will join my quest to draft Mr. Jon Stewart to the Presidency of the United States of America.

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