Karcher K 1201 Steam Cleaner Product Review

Karcher K 1201 steam cleaner is the state of the art steam cleaner. It weighs only eleven pounds and has a water capacity of 1.7 quarts. Heating time is normally only eight minutes and voila it’s ready for use. The accessories include a trigger gun wit steam flow control. It also has an extension tube of 1 into 1.6 inches. The trigger gun is used for deep clean without harsh chemicals. That means there is no danger to the user. The steam cleaner is ideal for cleaning tiles, laminated surfaces, sinks and many other household surfaces. The advantage of using steam cleaners is that it can go deep into the surfaces to remove that stubborn dirt that always managed to elude you. The advantages of using water is that you can get rid of all those dangerous cleaning chemicals you had stock piled plus water is probably the cheapest cleaning agent available.

House cleaning is a thankless job. Whether it’s the house wife or the children doing their chores, the so called inspector will always find spots of dirt and will give you that disapproving look. Your best friend comes to dinner at your home and points out dirt lines on the carpet. You smile at her and crack a joke to change the topic and yet you are wondering in your heart how in the world you managed to miss that spot!

There is a solution however to all these problems. Technology advances have led to amazing new developments in almost every sector and house cleaning is very much a part of it. Recent surveys have show that one company has excelled over all others in this respective field. Karcher has through its aggressive market strategy and an innovative product captured the market for equipment cleaning and has become the leading supplier of cleaning instruments in the United States of America. Would you believe if I told you that they also clean Mount Rushmore! Just in the year 2006, they had a record turnover of 1.254 billion dollars! And the most impressive thing about Karcher is that they try to ensure that they whole manufacturing process in environment friendly and as a result their products also are environment friendly, an excellent example of which is Karcher K 1201 Steam Cleaner.

The accessories include a floor cleaning nozzle, a detail nozzle to get rid of that infamous stubborn dirt. It even comes with a wall paper remover attachment so you never have to worry about removing wall papers. So it is advisable that you thinking about the future and the safety of you and your children. Karcher K 1201 is an excellent option.

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