The city of New Orleans submerged
A flood of people displaced
Many blown away – lost
In a septic sea floating face down.
Looters take what they will while snipers
Fire on those trying to help
Ease the pain, reduce the carnage.
The city ill-prepared, and warnings
To evacuate went unheeded.
The blame game is in full array;
FEMA’s to blame, they all say, or
Was it the President, the governor, the mayor?
Who’s to blame for this catastrophe?
Was it God, Nature, terrorists?
From ground zero,
The media has the devastation covered:
We need billions to rebuild;
Billions to feed the hungry children;
Billions to relocate the displaced.
Want you call in and help stem the tide?

The goodness of hated America comes to the fore,
Whether disaster strikes far away or at home,
Among friend or foe, when the call is for more.

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