Keep Spiders Out of Your Home with These Tips

Spiders can be a pest. Many people don’t like them and some people even fear them. Spiders, for the most part, do not hurt anything, unless they are poisonous; however, we just want to keep them out of our homes. Here are some ways to repel them from your home during the spring and fall, when they tend to come in the most.

NATURALLY REPEL SPIDERS: Some natural repellents that you can use to keep spiders out of your home are pine cleaners, eucalyptus oils, lemon scents, or crab apples. Spiders do not like these scents and will stay away. Put these where you normally see spiders to repel them, such as window sills and by doors, where they tend to enter your home. Clean in between your windows and window screens with these scents, this will keep spiders from even getting past the screen.

EXTERMINATE: Get some safe insect repellent to use around the outside parameter of your home. Do not walk through the repellent until it dries or a couple of house. You do not want to track it into your home in case of allergies. You should not use insect repellent inside of your home, especially if you suspect that you or any of your family suffers from allergies. If you do not want to use insect repellents, you could simply spray a pine or lemon scent around the parameter of your home and around your windows. However, this will need to be sprayed more often than the exterminating products would be. You will have to do this once every one to two weeks or so.

ELIMINATE WEBS AND NESTS: Thoroughly clean and sweep your home to eliminate spider’s webs and get rid of eggs in nests. Clean and sweep out your window sills and between windows and window screens. Sprits your window screen with a pine or lemon scented cleaning product or oil. You do not want the spider’s eggs to hatch producing more spiders in your home.

KEEP DOOR AND WINDOW SILLS TIGHT: Check doors and windows to make sure the sills are tight. Spiders can get through the tiniest cracks, so make sure that there are no cracks in your walls or floors, seal any cracks your find.

KEEP OUTDOOR LIGHTS OFF: At night only use outdoor lights when you have to. Do not keep porch lights on unless you are using them. Keep garage lights turned off as well. Outdoor lights draw insects, which draws spiders.

Kill spiders whenever you see them in your house. Clean as often as possible, cleaning and dusting keeps spiders at bay.

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