Keeping Cool with No Central Air

It’s just hot. Global warming has firmly taken hold, and when the temperatures rise, so can tempers in a hot household. If you live in an old house that has window air conditioner units instead of central air, there are some ways to maximize your home’s cooling system.

Close the Windows

When using window air conditioner units, it is just as important to keep your windows tightly closed in summer as it is in winter. Cold air escapes through nooks, crannies, and any open windows, sucking your cool air out into the heat outdoors. Check all the windows in a room where a window unit is running to ensure they are tightly sealed. Keep the cool air for yourself!

Close the Doors

Window unit air conditioners are measured in btu’s. The lower the btu number on the unit, the less power. Smaller units are designed to cool only a small space. If the door to the room is open, the window unit will not cool the room properly. A higher btu unit may be capable of cooling two rooms (depending on room size) so it might be ok to leave a door open between two rooms that you wish to cool simultaneously.

Cool the Rooms You’re Using

If you don’t have central air, you will have to get used to different temperatures in different rooms. It is more energy efficient to cool the rooms you use. Decide which rooms you spend the most time in, and keep those rooms cool with window units. If you want your bedroom to be cool when you go to bed on a hot day, keep the door closed and the window unit running on a low setting during the day. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or living area, make sure those rooms can stay cool using the available window unit(s).

Adjust Temperatures

It takes awhile, but eventually you get used to the relationship between the outdoor temperature and the indoor temperature of your home using window units. If it’s a cooler day, you may keep your units on a very low setting where if the next day is going to be extremely hot, you may have to leave some units on overnight to keep the house cooler in advance. You can even set window unit on timers to save energy, so that they turn on before you wake up and are off when you are sleeping.

Window air conditioners are great in household where some family members like their rooms cooler, and others warmer. Individual room temperature settings make everyone happy. Central air has its advantages, but there is nothing quite so refreshing as the cool air produced by a window unit.

Stay cool!

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