Keeping an Eye on the North Korean Missile Test Plans

I am one Street Level Opinion individual who will never leave the North Korean Missile Test Plan alone. The World Elders and War Experts must remember what they saw in World War 2 and what they historically documented so today’s and tomorrow’s generations can know, be educated about and fear another such catastrophy. While we will always trust the US First Class Academic and Military Intelligence on the North Korean situation, we are more concerned about the sleepless efforts that must be done to totally prevent it. It simply must not happen!

It was recently reported on June 29, 2006 that the US President and Japan Prime Minister “both agree that it’s very important for us to remain united in sending a clear message to the North Korean Leader that…launching the missile is unacceptable” ( We agree, but we are also prudent in the ways of global politics and governance that often talk is easy and action is hard. But actions are what we really need. At no time will a reasonable man or woman ignore the words of our global leaders, but we know people change their minds as instantly as they say one thing after another. So what’s needed? A much more united effort than the support of one nation. Our sincere thanks to Japan for agreeing with the US and seeing the dangers of such a missile test.

Without discarding the above, the US Military Intelligence and Experts enlightened us with the information that: “The potential for surprise is an enduring reality, especially when we are simulteously engaged on several fronts. We must mitigate the impact of surprise by devoting resources to broad situational awarenes and quickly generate needed intelligence on any security issue as disturbing trends or opportunities are identified” ( I believe the North Korean Missile Test Plans show “disturbing trends” and is a reality. Our fathers, grandmothers and historical relatives did not have our present day “new culture” terrorism to deal with. But their wisdom and intellignace dealt with whatever they were facing. So should our wise and brilliant ways solve this problem before it bondly escalate into terror.

We are no doubt aware of the highest level of International Diplomacy taking place to solve this “potential crisis” by the US beloved Secretary of State, the UN and our Real Global Friendly States. We are greatful to them all, as we are to those who daily keep a vigilant eye on the day to day potential terror affiliates and pass on the word to our wise men and women in uniform. We must keep up this “part-time work.” so we will always stay ahead of the disturbing trends in the days of our lives…

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