Kenmore 16233 Gas Grill: Review

The Kenmore 16233 gas grill is constructed of stainless steel and painted steel. It’s designed to heat evenly and cook food well, even when operating at lower temperatures. The grill comes complete with a pre-assembled grill head. You can find it at prices between $400 and $450.

The Kenmore 16233 features four standard stainless steel tube burners complete with a side burner. The grill also comes equipped with porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids. The cooking grids deliver efficient heat distribution while reducing the likelihood of flare-ups. The cooking grids also ensure that you don’t have much trouble cleaning up after using the grill.

The grill offers 48,000 BTUs, with a 12,000 BTU infrared back burner in addition to the 12,000 BTU side burner. The Kenmore 16233 gas grill also offers an infrared rotisserie burner. The infrared light is capable of producing an intense, dry heat very quickly. It produces heat similar to that produced by using charcoal. However, the infrared heat doesn’t require a long wait time and messy cleanup afterwards. This allows you to cook a perfect whole turkey or chicken.

This gas grill offers 500 square inches of primary cooking area. You will also have a warming rack area that measures 200 square inches. Combined, the Kenmore 16233 gas grill offers a total cooking area of 700 square inches. The independent cooking zones are great for indirect or direct cooking as well as rotisserie.

The Kenmore 16233 also features an electronic ignition so that it is incredibly easy to start. The grill also comes equipped with a premium temperature gauge located in the center of the stainless steel lid. Therefore, you never have to worry about using too much heat and overcooking your food.

You will also have access to two large side shelves that measure 620 square inches. The shelves are ideal to use for food preparation. The grill also features a full cabinet base with a double-walled door. The grill weighs a hefty 163 pounds. However, the Kenmore 16233 sits atop four casters, so you can move it around easily.

Although the Kenmore 16233 comes with a pre-assembled grill head, the unit does require some assembly before use. With porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids, you can sure that heat will be distributed evenly. The grill also offers a generous 700 square inch cooking area, complete with a 620 square inch side shelf area. You should definitely fall in love with this grill.

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