Kid Show Content Review: Hannah Montana

Miley’s crush doesn’t like Hannah Montana. After realizing how important Hannah is to Miley, her crush decides to give Hannah a shot. He buys tickets to a Hannah Montana concert, and wants Miley to go with him. To go through with the date, Miley must juggle both of her identities.

Gross-Out Humor

Lilly tries to convince Miley to ask her crush out. Miley says, “I can’t. I’m from Tennessee. We don’t do that.” Lilly responds, “Well, you’re in California now, and we do do that. Cooper and Jackson start laughing. Lilly rolls her eyes, and asks, “What?” Jackson says, “You said do-do.”

When Miley’s crush calls her house, her dad answers the phone. Since she doesn’t know that it is her crush who has called, Miley asks her dad to make up an excuse for why she can’t talk. Her dad says, “Sorry, Josh, she’s in the bathroom. Could be a while.” Miley screams, “No!” and her dad tells the boy, “Hold on, sounds like she’s finishing up.”


Miley says that she can’t ask her crush out, because he’s in the ninth grade and she “can’t just put eighth grade moves on him.”

When Miley and her crush schedule a date, she waits for him on the couch by striking a seductive pose. When the boy shows up, he says, “Hey Miley. Whoa, you look hot!”

Jackson, Miley’s brother, unknowingly makes a date with his friend Cooper’s little sister, Olivia. He tells Cooper (who has just arrived), “You should have seen her. And tonight, she’s going to find out that even my moves have moves. When Olivia shows up again, Cooper tells Jackson that she’s his sister, and he doesn’t approve of her and Jackson going out with each other. Meanwhile, she stands behind her brother, making kissing faces at Jackson.

After Jackson has backed off from going out Olivia, she comes over anyway. Despite trying to get rid of her, and hide her from Cooper, she eventually locks lips with Jackson, and Cooper walks in on them. Believing that his little sister is sweet and innocent, Cooper believes that Jackson is responsible for trying to corrupt his sister. That is, until Cooper opens the door one minute after sending her to the car, and finds her locking lips with a pizza delivery guy who she has just met.


Miley uses her dual personalities to impress her crush. She learns what might interest him, and incorporates it into her Hannah Montana performance. However, her attempts fail.

Positive Messages

Jackson finds himself in a tense situation with his friend, Cooper, when he tries hooking up with Coop’s little sister, Olivia. Despite Jackson’s attempts to get rid of Olivia, Cooper still feels like Jackson has betrayed him. Cooper eventually learns otherwise when Olivia is caught kissing the pizza guy, who she just met. Cooper and Jackson quickly make up with each other, but little is said between them.

Rating Scale = (Low, Medium, High)

Gross-Out Humor: High

Sexuality: High

Materialism: Low

Positive Messages: Low

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