Kid Show Content Review: Hannah Montana, Season 1, Ep. 6

Miley’s grandmother comes to visit during the same week Hannah is supposed to perform for the Queen of England. Miley’s grandmother seems to play favorites with Jackson, and seems more concerned with his volleyball game than Miley’s performance.

Gross-Out Humor

When Miley’s grandmother arrives, she is heard telling her cab driver, “Tip? You want a tip? If you’re not gonna use deodorant, make sure your back windows roll down.”

Miley’s grandmother gives her airplane headphones as a gift, and says, “You might want to disinfect those. I took them off the old guy that was sitting next to me. You can make a candle with the earwax on those things.”

Jackson’s teammate gets the flu, and doesn’t show up to the volleyball game. His grandmother says, “Well, that’s no excuse. Heck, during the Olympic qualifiers, I got food poisoning; I blew junks all over the court. The other team was sliding all over the place. We won in a landslide.”


Miley’s grandmother gives a grown man a wedgie.


Miley is excited to perform for the Queen of England as Hannah Montana.

Positive Messages

In this episode, Miley’s grandmother seems to have picked Jackson as her favorite. In reality, her grandmother is just trying to make sure Jackson has attention, since she believes the majority of attention goes to Miley’s alter ego, Hannah Montana. Jackson feels the same way, and believes Hannah’s activities have always been a priority over his own. In the end, Miley and Robby Ray abandon the queen to watch Jackson play his volleyball game. Even though Miley accidentally comes dressed as Hannah Montana, and is eventually seen and chased, Jackson feels better knowing that his family chose to see his game instead of performing for the queen.

Rating Scale = (Low, Moderate, High)

Note: This episode had unusually low references to sexuality and materialism, choosing to focus on family issues, and the complications that might arise from having a famous family member.

Gross-Out Humor: Moderate

Sexuality: Low

Materialism: Low

Positive Messages: High

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