Kids’ Games Online for Free: A Parent’s Guide to Safe, Positive, Non-violent Sites for Young Gamers

This basic guide to kids’ games online for free will help you discover the right games for your kid. With a little bit of guidance, your tot can find anything from fast-paced arcade action or brain-boosting puzzles to an adventure game that teaches positive values like sharing, or even a virtual social environment, on the internet in a safe situation. There are kids’ games online to suit every kid, and the great news for parents is that many of the best sites for young gamers are free.
To stay safe, supervise your child’s web use so that you can be sure that when they play kids’ games online for free, they’re not vulnerable to hazards like computer viruses or online predators. Violent online games may even encourage violent or aggressive behavior, so know what your children are playing. If your youngster enjoys playing kids’ games online, try to steer your child towards one of these healthy, safe, positive websites.

Brain-Boosting Puzzles Sure to Captivate Your Kid
If your child is a puzzle fan, encourage them to give Whizzball a try. Whizzball is a logic game similar to the board game “Mousetrap,” wherein players construct a wacky machine in order to hit a specific target. Whizzball allows players to solve puzzles by constructing a machine built out of fun, animated parts like springs and catapults. Your child can also design his or her own puzzles for other players to solve. Whizzball allows players to exercise their creativity as well as logical abilities, and because the puzzles range from very easy to very difficult, it will keep your child engaged even as his or her skill improves. Of the educational kids’ games online, Whizzball may very well hold your child’s interest the longest. Give it a try at

Arcade Action For Kids Of All Ages
Grab offers a wide variety of arcade-style games that range from simple to very advanced. Easy to learn games that help your kid improve hand-eye coordination and practice problem solving and strategy abound, with themes that range from gold mining to fireworks and beyond. Grab has a great selection of seasonal and holiday games as well, so there is fun to be had all year round. In addition to the pleasure of the games themselves, by playing kids’ games online at grab, your child earns “grabbles” points that they can use to buy goodies like raffle tickets. Go to to create an account for your child.

An Adventure Game That Promotes Positive Values
Foster’s Big Fat Awesome House Party, online at, is a Cartoon Network game that features characters and storylines from the television cartoon “Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends,” is one of the most beautifully designed kids’ games online, with an engaging interface that is easy to use. It allows kids to create an engaging visual character, or “avatar,” who then goes on adventures and completes “chores” in the virtual world in order to earn prizes like sound files, and to unlock new areas of the game. Many parents worry that letting children play kids’ games online isn’t good for their character, and can promote violent or aggressive behavior. If this is a concern, the Foster’s game provides a great solution for you and your kid, as it promotes positive social values like sharing the workload of chores and housekeeping, helping friends, and having responsible fun.

A Social Game Where Your Kid Can Play Safe
Another great, non-violent game is the huge universe of Club Penguin, perhaps the most extensive of all the kids’ games online. Club Penguin, online at, has two levels of membership, a free level and a paid subscription. A free membership allows users to access most, but not all, of the activities in the game. The Club is a complete virtual world where kids can do anything from socializing to taking care of virtual pets. The world is populated by “penguins,” each of whom is a real live user. Your child’s penguin can talk to other penguins, and even play games like Mancala and Connect Four with other live players. The format of Club Penguin encourages children to keep up relationships with online buddies, kids from around the world. Unlike many kids’ games online, Club Penguin is monitored by virtual babysitters. If a penguin says or does anything unsavory or inappropriate, they are banned from the game. This keeps Club Penguin safe for kids of all ages, and it means that you can let your kid play without fear.

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