Kitchen Cabinets: Stock or Custom for the Do it Yourselfer

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular types of home improvements that homeowners are purchasing today. Do it yourself homeowners are updating their kitchens in many ways from painting the existing cabinets to totally renovating this major room of their house. The money savings of doing it yourself is substantial, a homeowner can purchase upscale kitchen cabinetry and designer appliances with the money they will save by doing the work themselves. Some of the types of upgraded materials they are choosing are granite & solid surface countertops instead of the standard plastic laminate countertops. Many consumers are upgrading to custom cabinets opposed to stock cabinets or knock down cabinet kits – ready to assemble. For a homeowner to take on a project of this size they must have the skills of a carpenter and be familiar with using power tools that are required for the demo and installation of the kitchen cabinets and countertops. Some home owners just do the removal of the old kitchen, install the new cabinets and hire a contractor to do the plumbing and electrical work. Whatever your choice, don’t take on a project that is too big for you to complete or above your skill level.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets or Custom

Many home owners don’t understand the difference of this choice and it can be confusing for a novice. Basically stock cabinets are manufactured in a production assembly plant where the components of the cabinets are made in predetermined sizes, woods, colors and door styles. Stock cabinets have advanced in offering accessories, door styles and colors. Stock cabinetry and standard accessories are usually readily available at distribution warehouses and usually shipped within one week. The limitations of stock kitchen cabinets are in door styles, interior options and custom finishes and sizing. Most stock cabinets are made in 3″ width increments starting at 9″ or 12″ up to 48″ wide and are limited in the height of the wall cabinets. The cabinet materials are also limited to wood species type like oak or maple, and the boxes have matching melamine side panels and drawer boxes. There are also design limitations with stock cabinets in decorative end panels, open shelf cabinets, glass door sizes, trim, radius ends, mouldings, appliance front panels and tall pantry cabinet accessories. The cost of stock cabinets compared to custom can vary as little as 25% higher and up to 200%. Stock cabinets are used for many kitchen remodels and if installed properly can make a beautiful new kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The choice of kitchen cabinets has a vast range of brands, quality and price points to choose from. A homeowner has to understand the value of the materials they install into their home and decide what products fit their budget. Compare shopping for kitchen cabinets no different then shopping for appliances, windows, doors or any type of major purchase. Only you can judge the best value for your money, and your expectations of the kind of quality you are looking for. You will be faced with the same quality & price options throughout the kitchen remodeling project for items like: appliances, sinks, faucets, countertops, flooring, windows& doors, lighting, window treatments, built in accessories and decorating accessories. Custom kitchen cabinets usually feature flexible sizing, a larger selection of wood species & colors, antique finishes and more. Custom cabinetry is made to order and will require detailed plans when you place the order.

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