Kleenex Box Under-Sink Storage

Kleenex boxes
Double-sided tape

There are lots of useful kitchen things that you can install or create yourself. One example is to screw a magnetic bar to the wall and use it to stick knives and other metallic items to it. Another useful project is done when you put a cafe rod under the sink. The skinny rod can hold spray bottles, plastic gloves, folded towels, and more. It’s easy to organize your kitchen when you use simple projects to store or use things around the sink, and throughout the kitchen. One of the very fastest projects that you can do, and one of the most useful, is done with a Kleenex box – or more than one. When you stick them under the sink you can use them to store all sorts of things that you use often in the kitchen.

The ideal Kleenex box for kitchen use is a rectangular type, not the cube design. When the box is empty it takes literally seconds to turn it into a helpful storage piece. The box has an oval where the Kleenexes are dispensed; leave it like that or cut it to be much larger. If you enlarge it, leave at least a perimeter of the box top in place.

Double-sided tape is such a wonderful product. Find a quality type by shopping at a home improvement store. When you peel a piece, and stick it to the bottom of the Kleenex box, you can quickly stick it to the inside of an under-the-sink cabinet door. Stick several of them to each door and you’ll be able to store all sorts of things that you’ll need.

Kleenex boxes under the sink can hold folded cloths and hand towels, rubber gloves, sponges, and so much more. Hang the boxes vertically to hold some stuff; hang them horizontally to hold other things. Since the Kleenex boxes are so helpful why not install them elsewhere in the home? Put some under a bathroom sink to hold similar things as those things in the kitchen. Put another set of them inside cabinet doors in the laundry room.

There are lots of diy projects that just about anyone can easily do and those projects can often be really helpful. Of all of those projects, the Kleenex box storage is one of the fastest and cheapest that you can do. If the box ends up looking a little worn and torn, yank it off of the cabinet door, and put up a new one.

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