Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Versus Velveeta Shells and Cheese

Growing up no matter how poor we may have been, we always had Kraft Macaroni and Cheese on hand. My mom could create amazing dishes with that one product. It was a family favorite and served for every occasion ranging from birthday parties to funeral dinners. It wasn’t until I moved out on my own that I discovered there is more than one type of cheesy pasta out there. I was at the grocery store one day and seen Velveeta Shells and Cheese. The Velveeta Shells and Cheese was peaking my interest as I knew I liked Velveeta Cheese, and I figured the shells may be even better than the regular macaroni noodles I had become accustomed to eating. Little did I know buying that box would change the way I thought about Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese has a interesting history. It was released during 1937, a time when rations were in effect. This was the perfect solution to what to serve for dinner as it was considered quite a hearty meal. It has evolved over the years taking on new shapes and sometimes even adding colors to attract the up and coming macaroni eaters.

The directions for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese are easy to follow and require only three ingredients. The ingredients are water, to boil the macaroni noodles, milk, which is added to the dry sauce to make it nice and creamy and butter, which helps to enhance the flavor and keeps the macaroni from sticking to one another. Another great option Kraft has came up with is the Easy Mac N Cheese. This is made by just adding water and cooking in the microwave for about four minutes. This is a great product if you have children as they can help make it and it is quick and easy.

Velveeta is actually owned by Kraft foods. In 1928 Kraft purchased the Velveeta Cheese company and choose to keep the name as their new product line. However it was not until 1984 that Velveeta Shells and Cheese was introduced. The interesting shell shaped pasta has grown in such popularity that several generic brands of pasta have tried unsuccessfully to be like Velveeta.

Velveeta Shells and Cheese is just as simple to make as Kraft Macaroni and Cheese however the only ingredient needed is water to boil the macaroni. The cheese is creamy and you just pour it over the shells, stir and you are good to go.

Both products are easily found on your local grocers shelves. Manufacturer’s coupons are also easily available in the Sunday newspapers. My personal preference in the two products is the Velveeta Shells and Cheese. The cheese is creamy and the noodles don’t seem to get as mushy as they do with Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. My overall opinion is this is the fun pasta for grownups.

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