Krystal Declares It’s Just Me and My Piano

With a combination of upbeat empowering lyrics and soulful sound accompanied with a piano throughout, Me and my Piano is in my constant musical rotation. This 2001 release from Interscope Records includes various alternative guitar riffs atop soft, angelic vocals. Krystal often soars into a string of powerful lines, which creates a healthy balance between the otherwise easy-listening appeal to the disc.

“Supergirl,” the opening track is an energetic, almost imperfect track. Her vocals often break and it seems that these imperfections are what keeps me listening. Krystal taunts listeners with her musical confidence. She confesses to all that she is “conquering the world with my magic piano,” while she casually plays throughout the track.

The ultimate in-your-face track, “or someone else will…” has Krystal singing in various vocal strengths starting off with a soft sound that guides listeners into a string of soaring vocals. It is here where she declares that someone will love the one she sings about more than the girl does. “You say that you love him, you belong to him heart and soul.” Her song writing highlights her great ability to tell a story through her music. The song deserves the “repeat” mode I constantly keep it on.

Later on the 12 song disc, “Lead Me” overpowers my speakers with a strong, passionate vocal display of various octaves in the beginning of the track. A dramatic piano is included in the background which adds to the overall appeal of this ballad. “I need you all through my life I know.” Krystal’s dedication to this said person is displayed effectively in an emotional combination of steady drums, driving guitars, piano, and later violin.

The disc ends with a live version of “Me and my Piano” and it is just that. The autobiographical track is a passionate display of dedication towards her piano. After listening, one will understand Krystal musically. “Since you came into my life, it’s been so heavenly,” Krystal’s dedication to her craft is not only inspiring even five years later while listening, but constantly encourages me to continue working on my own music.

With Me and my Piano, Krystal proves her amazing ability to control her vocals through various song styles. The disc is a beautiful dedication to her lifelong dream of being a singer. People of all ages would easily appreciate the amazing musical talent that she has to offer.

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