LG Electronics TROMM Steam Washer

The first thing you may want to know about the LG Electronics Tromm Steam Washer are the price ranges in your local stores, which can be anywhere from $1,499.99 on up to $1,599.99. There is also an LG Remote Monitoring Laundry Accessory Package that is priced at $99.99. These washers come in a variety of colors. The ones I have seen so far are white, black, gray, red, blue, and green. Matching dryers are roughly in the same price range, maybe a little higher in some stores, and you have the option of electric or gas for them.

The warranty in the manual states that there is a full year warranty on parts and labor. After that there is an additional year warranty just on the electronics. The motor has a seven years warranty on it from the day of purchase.

This washer is designed for energy efficiency and water conservation. Very little water is used if any at all because this machine works on steam. The fiber sensing devices will provide you with the information you need to best wash the clothes inside of it. With such a sci-fi design to it, you would think that it was made to replace Martha Stewart for you.

A whopping 4 cubic feet chamber does all the work for you in less time with a standard washer. The claim is that it may take as little as 20 minutes to wash a load of clothes. You may also be surprised at such fewer wrinkles in your clothes when you are placing them in your dryer.

One really amazing feature is that this washer will balance it self should the wash load get off center. The base of this unit has a drawer to place things you need in it, and the top is porcelain. That is a great feature should you decide to stack the dryer on top of this 39 inch high unit.

Here is a brief list of the stores you can find this unit at:

Home Depot


Fry’s Electronics

Best BuySam’s Club

The biggest plus with this unit is purchasing the additional wireless monitoring device. You can check up on how your washer is doing from anywhere in your home.

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