Ladybug XL Steam Cleaner: Review

If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals to clean your home, then you need to invest in a steam cleaner. The Ladybug XL steam cleaner sanitizes, cleans, and deodorizes in one sweep. The use of this cleaner can provide great relief if you suffer from allergies and asthma.

The Ladybug XL is a 66 PSI, high performance machine. It will heat cold water quickly to a maximum temperature of 298 degrees Fahrenheit. The Ladybug XL steam cleaner also features a continuous-fill, non-pressurized water reservoir. This means that you can add water to the unit whenever it runs out. With many other cleaners, you have to wait for the unit to cool down before you add more water to it.

You will also know when you need to add more water to the Ladybug XL steam cleaner. The unit features a low water light that will activate when water reaches low levels. If you fail to see the light, you will also be notified by an audible alarm.

The Ladybug XL steam cleaner comes with a wide range of accessories. They include a floor cleaning attachment, triangular brush, and window squeegee. You are also provided with two extension wands, two nylon brushes, a nozzle brush, and a scraper tool.

You will also have a choice of buying optional attachments when purchasing the Ladybug XL steam cleaner. They include stainless steel pads, brass bristle brushes, and stainless bristle brushes. The stainless bristle brushes are perfect for cleaning out your oven without needing to use harsh oven cleaners.

When combined with the heated steam provided by the Ladybug XL steam cleaner, the floor cleaning attachment will allow you to remove spills and stains from your floors easily. The unit also comes with six terry cloth towels that you can use to cover the brushes and clean your floors. The floor cleaning brush also has hard bristles that will allow you to clean dirty surfaces outside of your home.

Another useful feature of the Ladybug XL steam cleaner are the fingertip controls. They allow you to control the machine without needing to touch the base. The hose is also flexible and offers volume control. Although the Ladybug XL steam cleaner is extremely durable, it comes with a three year warranty on the boiler. All other parts and accessories are backed by a one year warranty.

The Ladybug XL steam cleaner is perfect for cleaning your home without the use of harsh chemicals. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, you should definitely invest in this cleaning tool.

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