Lance Reegan-Diehl Releases Career Defining CD Internal Construction

Seoul, -June 16, 2006 – Lance Reegan-Diehl (LRD) is a musician, producer, and teacher all rolled into one powerful package. A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Lance calls Seoul his home today. may seem worlds away to some music fans, however the music LRD records touches the hearts of anyone that will listen.

On the new LRD release Internal Construction, the artist explores the spiritual path in life and uses the backdrop of rousing guitars and lyrics to make his point loud and clear. The opening track “Glory,” is shot of instrumental guitar work that will remind you of guitar heroes like Vai and Satriani, while vocal workouts such as “New Sworn Enemy” and “She Said” feature a guitar and vocal combination that will impress even the most discerning rock fan.

Lance surrounds himself with positive people and influences that serve as inspiration for his life’s work.

He is continually in the creative process- writing, engineering, and producing other artists and working on his new productions. His many gifts are at work in more than the recording studio�he provides enlightenment to eager students that attend lectures and music lessons given on a regular basis in Universities, High Schools, and Middle Schools.

The emotional hunger of the blues and the power of rock combine to begin a new found Internal Construction for those open to it. You may find everything covered on this CD was right inside you all along; sometimes it lies dormant until you hear an artist like LRD and then it reawakens the spirit. This will serve those that have a love and respect for the diversity of life and music that is touched upon in every track.

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